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Take the advantage of how artificial intelligence has provided base to Digital services

The basis dimension has taken a step further ahead when it comes to promoting your brand in order to capture the market share that used to be researched deeply into the physical market rather than being able to easily access it through virtual grounds. Now that things have changed the bed and people are now opting for research methods on the Internet life you can also find those people who can mentor and provide service to your brand. Now, these services can relate to virtual assistant in Australia that is the professionalism of how they can easily be used as freelancers in order to help you to manage the virtual stage of your business.

You don’t have to come up with a forecasted budget in order to hire them instead they help you in finding grounds authentic to digital platforms. Sometimes are going to analyze your advertisements and understand how they have reached a promotional virtual assistant in Australia success or not. On the other hand, they can also come up with ideas of how your accounting budgets can be set with smart goals.

Align your goals in the Earthly and Digital Dimensions with the Right Virtual Assistance

Every business needs to grow and it is not important that you have to Hire a VA that individual in your business and expect a long-term contract with them. In terms of a situation, you can get a virtual assistant in Australia who is qualified enough in giving you quality services related to digital platforms and software management enablement. You can come up with various kinds of techniques and services that can be jotted down in the job analysis so that the individual who wants to work for you can actually e connect with you for the time being through a contract of temporary base.

It is certainly not important for a virtual assistant in Australia to be e the employee of your company. They are just like promotional engines that you buy from B2B services in order to qualify your product in the customer's insights. Get yourself ready to upgrade your brand and it’s strategies in terms of financial and marketing rounds so that the virtual evaluation can happen according to your targets. The most important thing regarding business success is to be able to align all the main goals with subsets of each department even if it's organized digitally.

Find yourself amused by the various ways of how your product can find potentials on the digital grounds by virtual assistant in Australia management. Managing our business is not an easy task but when you have the assistance of a virtual speaker who is not present physically but has the key to understanding the potential digital targets who can provide you with their in stream of revenues and long-term customer lifetime value. The most crucial part about your business existence is to hire the right people at the right time with the right kind of qualifications and most trusted value with exact results that you have always planned for.
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Top 7 Advantages of Accepting Payments Online in Businesses
Businesses, regardless of the industry or size of the company, tend to accept payments online. Thanks to the immediate, but also long-term overall benefits. In addition, the acceptance of online payments has increased greatly since the use of smartphones has increased. Statista, in one of its reports, predicted that online transactions will reach $4,769,370 million by the end of 2020. And after that, it is expected to increase by 15% year-on-year. As businesses become more borderless and aim to capture global markets, it's important to keep up with consumer behavior. As borders change, so does buy behavior. But a company must be able to withstand any situation. For a company, maintaining a high cash flow is the top priority. For this reason, most businesses are opening their doors to accept payments online. Paying bills online helps businesses save time, be faster, and save customers’ maximum hassle. It also helps in reducing excessive costs incurred in physical transactions. With an online bill payment, businesses can allow their customers to pay from a variety of online payment gateways around the world and make billing a hassle-free process. It also helps in reducing the significant amount of paper invoices that are printed and used for sending bills. It also eliminates the hassle of waiting for a check, depositing it, and then waiting for the money to clear. Collecting funds through online bill pay is not as difficult as you may think. Here are 7 business benefits you can get after implementing online bill payment for your business: 1) Instant payment: Online payments facilitate instant payments for a business. It breaks the geographical limitations and lets customers buy without being physically present. One can make a payment from the comfort of their home or office. The gateway to accept online payments provides instant notification of the transaction, so the customer can be sure to receive the purchased items. 2) Quick and easy setup to drive more sales: Setting up an option to receive online payments is simple and fast, so sales can begin within minutes of implementation. In addition, there are many service providers today that offer affordable plans with no setup fee and very low transaction rates. 3) Reliable payment mode for global merchants: Online invoicing software with features to receive online payments is more secure and credible for merchants than receiving payments via checks. A merchant receives the money instantly without the risk of bounced checks and associated fees. 4) Builds more trust with customers: Customers today often consider those merchants who accept online payments through their website to be more reliable. This encourages them to do business with the merchant. At the same time, online bill payment provides consumers with fraud protection that secures their money if they do not receive the product purchased through a website. 5) Convenience in recurring payments: If you offer some subscription-based services that require your users/customers to make payments after a certain period of time, the option of receiving online payments might be more suitable for you. Instead of sending them reminders every time and asking them to send checks for payment, you can collect payments automatically after the subscription period ends. 6) Credit cards to facilitate purchases with low balances: Customers can pay with their credit card even if they have no money in their bank account. More importantly, you can split the payment into multiple installments when selling expensive items. And you can use credit cards to pay for purchases in installments. 7) Boost referral marketing with online payment coupons: If you have an online invoice payment system in place, you can create an affiliate program where your affiliates can earn referral commissions by sending buyers to you. This will boost your sales and can find an affiliate network, working to increase your revenue. Accept Payments Instantly with Automated Solution Invoicera is an online invoice payment system software that integrates with your current ERP and CRM and automates your entire invoicing and payment process. It supports more than 30 payment gateway solutions that are suitable for your business. A list of payment gateways that integrate with online invoicing software: · Integration with international payment gateways (Forte, PayGate, SagePay, Eway, Ogone, BluePay, Network, 2checkout, Braintree, Authorize.Net, Stripe, PayPal, Moneybookers, iTransact, Setcom, paymate, VCS, creditcall). · Integration with US/Canada payment gateways (Alipay, FirstData, Psigate, Beanstream, Moneris). · Integration with Indian payment gateways (Paypal, Payoneer, Razorpay, Paydollar, Citrus, PayU India, EBS, Asiapay). · With artificial intelligence and smart integrations and interfaces, know your cash flow in local currency, automatic conversions to track currency gains for better business decisions. Capture and merge offline payments with online payments. A complete setup that helps you understand your business with useful payment reports.
The Vacuum That Needs To Be Filled By The HRs
The ongoing pandemic has taken a toll on economies across the globe and the standstill seems to be rather longer than what we were expecting with no end at sight and the WHO confirming we might have to live with the virus for some time now. While all are confident things will return to normalcy but some organizations in the E-Commerce, Logistics, E-Services have taken upon themselves to do something about it with their demands ever-increasing with each passing day they seem to have transformed further digitally to ensure there are no brakes in their operations during this gloom. This looks to be the New World Order Digital Transformation along with upskilling your workforce working remotely enabling many possibilities. While millions are working from home, technology has in fact taken over our lives in a way very few predicted and even fewer for the year 2020. During these times of survival and staying along the growth curve human resources would play a pivotal role in ensuring they attract the right talent to organizations. Today our heroes are the front-line health workers, law enforcement agencies and sanitation workers but when this ensuing battle against the unknown ends the world would need a hero to bring back pace to its economies to bring back certainty among the working class to bring back trust in the Investors to bring back hope in humankind and that space is going to be filled by human resources since they are the people who make the company and the work culture in it. While experts predicted AI taking over human resources this ongoing lock-down has proved that recruitment does need a human touch it. Human resources as we know aren’t just people who work in corporates doing white-collar job hiring or people organizing birthday parties and decorating their desks they are also the people who bring the labor force into action in various industries ranging from Manufacturing to Infrastructure developments etc. who we call as Field Officers or Contractors on Field. With the guest workers across the country facing the wrath of Covid-19 and returning to the hinterland it will be the Human Resources department which would bring people back to the Industries companies and Assembling Plants. It could be safely assumed that the HR department would eventually bring the ailing world back to its feet once this pandemic comes to an end with finding the right resources for every job available and whenever the need arises. A company’s success is completely credited to the people working behind it and it is every CEO’s priority concern that Talent Acquisition development and Retention is taken care of and they have lost a lot in this ensuing battle and they would be very determined to draw first blood and attract the best talent to their organizations even if working remotely. If you are looking for the best staffing companies in chennai, you should get in touch with me right away.
9 Interview Questions EVERY Recruiter Should Ask Their Candidates
Interview Questions Recruiters face enough challenges as it is without worrying if they asked the right questions in an interview. It is essential when determining who the best fit for a job is. Of course, ensuring that a candidate has the required skill set is of primary concern, but it is also important to dig a little deeper and find out what kind of person they are. The goal is to snag a complete candidate, one with both the right personality and expertise. So here are the best nine interview questions for you to ask your next star candidate. 1. “What hobbies do you have?” Starting with an easy one here, and this question should be obvious for recruiters. Primarily it gives your candidate a chance to relax, but it can also offer you a key insight. For example, if they enjoy playing a lot of sport, it shows they are energetic individuals who are health conscious. If they like writing or drawing, ask them how they can transfer that creativity into their new role. Always have a follow-up question and try to revert it back to the role at hand. 2. “Tell me about your greatest professional achievement?” You want a candidate that has their sights set high, right? This question allows your potential employee to share some of their proudest professional moments. You can assess each achievement and see how ambitious they are. There is a big difference between a candidate who tells you their greatest exploit was always being on-time for work and one who boosted website traffic by 65% over a six month period. 3. “What was the biggest obstacle you have overcome?” Everyone faces certain challenges in both their personal and professional lives. What’s most important in this case is how your candidate overcame each hurdle. What did they learn from this experience? How would they deal with this obstacle if it were to happen again? It gives you an opportunity to see their problem-solving skills and how they can deal with pressures of the role. 4. “Are you interested in continuing to develop your professional skills and knowledge?” Continuous learning has seen rapid changes and growth, with companies looking to upskill and nurture their workers. Learning has become a key goal for companies, with many encouraging their employees to partake in various courses in order to improve their base level. You want your candidate to believe in continuous learning and know that the business values their personal and professional progression. 5. “Can you tell me what the key trends are in this industry?” Every industry has its own niche trends that are constantly changing. See if your candidate is up-to-date and informed about the latest insights. It’s important to understand the industry you work in, and if your candidate is ill-informed from the get-go, then that alone should be a telling sign. 6. “What is your biggest strength?” A much more comprehensive question compared to the now mundane “what are your weaknesses?” archetype. Candidates predict the latter and generally have a bland, pre-prepared answer. When asking about strengths, it allows the interviewee to paint their skills and traits in a positive light and generate a greater variety of answers. 7. “Tell me about a time when you got it all wrong?” This question allows you to see how honest your candidate is. No one is perfect, and a dishonest answer should be a major red flag for any recruiter. When the interviewee extrapolates, ask them what they’ve learned from the tough experience. Admitting to errors or blunders also shows that they can take ownership of situations and look for solutions rather than transfer blame. 8. “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” You want your star candidate to think ahead. Only ambitious employees will truly push the boundaries, and that’s the kind of person you want working in your company. It also gives insight into how long the candidate might plan on staying at your business. The right candidate will list their career goals and be a motivated individual who is looking for career progression. 9. “Do you have any questions for me?” A candidate that doesn’t take the opportunity to ask questions is missing out or is struggling to think of a question off the top of their head. Even simple queries like: “how long will the probation period be?” or “what learning opportunities will be available to me?” are most definitely a positive look. It shows that the candidate is fully invested in the position and sees it as a long-term investment. This Post origioally featured at Khawaja Manpoer's Blog
Top 5 Challenges of Work Remotely, How to Overcome Them
Before the global pandemic made working from home a temporary routine, Many organizations changing their mode of work from normal office work culture to work from options, Many people had been saying goodbye to daily office routine and comfortable with remote working. Working remotely has its advantages and disadvantages. Working remotely offers the flexibility to work when you want to. Employees have many reasons to choose work from option and it equally benefits the organization. Some organizations find it more beneficial for their business and they are even ready to allow employees to work from home after a pandemic. But there are some challenges you have to face when you are working remotely. 1. You Have Trouble Managing Your Time When you start working from home the main challenge you are going to face is many. Even if you have a dedicated space to work, there may be distractions like your TV, books, and laundry etc. Actually staying productive during remote working can be challenging if you’re working from home. If you are focused on your work consider using a time tracking software like Desklog, which helps you to track your time spent on various tasks or categories of tasks. Also, how much spend on productive and non-productive applications. 2. Staying organized Working from home gives you more freedom and flexibility, changing your home to a new office atmosphere there are more chances for it to get disorganized. The office you have in your system and it should be arranged properly with folders, your files, When you are working from home you need to organize things, not working as organized it will affect the time and productivity, Finding files disorganized may lack our time. So be more organized like office space to understand each file, Folders. 3. Communication & Coordination Challenges When everyone in a team works from home It’s hard to hold productive in-person meetings to coordinate different team members’, Direct communication will be more productive than emails, phone calls, and even video calls also it can be easy to ask colleagues for information or updates, some tools like Slack helps to make it easier for companies to stay in touch with employees. keep daily communication with your team and share the updates, Team members should communicate with the leads if you have any issues. 4. Socially interacting Sitting at home by yourself all day without Interacting with other people is hard, while you work in the office you will get the chance to mingle with other people and share your ideas and thoughts. Sharing our ideas with others and interaction are also important and can help with productivity. When you are working remotely, find ways to Interact with your friends or colleges through phone calls to stay connected with each other that will bring positivity to you. 5. Can Learn new things and Become More Independent You will get the chance to learn more things when you work from home. In the office system, your colleagues and team leads will help you immediately to fix any issues, When you work remotely you’ll find yourself developing the skill of looking for your own solutions and becoming more proactive to find the way to fix the issue. Also, you will get more chances to learn more things and update yourself. If you get more quality time working from home you can start learning new things trending after completing your work.
¿Qué marca la ley federal del trabajo sobre los días festivos?
La Ley Federal del Trabajo menciona que los días feriados o festivos son considerados como días no laborables, lo que los convierte en días de descanso obligatorio. ¿Qué es un día festivo? Es un día no laborable dedicado a alguna celebración nacional y en el cual se cierran las oficinas y establecimientos públicos y no se trabaja en los privados. ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre un día festivo y un día feriado? No hay diferencia, Los días feriados o festivos son días en los que el Estado Nacional conmemora o festeja hechos patrióticos, históricos o religiosos, y se encuentran establecidos en una norma legal. ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre un día festivo y un día de asueto? Ambos corresponden a días no laborables, pero la mayor diferencia es que el día de asueto se aplica a todos los que realizan alguna actividad laboral o educativa. Mientras que los días festivos se aplican solamente a una categoría de trabajadores o de estudiantes. Los asuetos son días no laborables que suelen establecer las autoridades ante alguna circunstancia especial. Muchas veces la declaración de la jornada festiva se aplica a un solo sector: así, en el Día del Bancario, los trabajadores que se desempeñan en un banco no concurren a sus lugares de trabajo ya que tienen asueto. El resto de los trabajadores, en cambio, debe cumplir con sus obligaciones como siempre. ¿Cuántos días festivos nos otorga la ley del trabajo ? Según el artículo 74 de la ley del trabajo, los trabajadores tienen derecho a descansar con goce de sueldo durante los días festivos (públicos y religiosos). Estos incluyen fiestas conmemorativas y fiestas religiosas (origen cristiano). Los días festivos son por lo general siete. Los Feriados Nacionales en México caen en dos categorías. Días feriados obligatorios (descanso obligatorio) y Días feriados otorgados usualmente (comúnmente concedidos). ¿Cuánto tienen que pagar un día festivo? Los artículos 74 y 75 de la Ley Laboral de México permiten que los trabajadores que trabajan en los días festivos tienen derecho a percibir un salario doble por el servicio prestado, independientemente del salario que les corresponda por el descanso obligatorio. Así que te puedes ganar 3 veces tu sueldo diario trabajando un día festivo Ahora, queda claro para todos lo que es un día festivo, cuantos días festivos tenemos y cuánto se paga, vamos a hablar de nuestras queridas vacaciones. ¿Los días festivos se contemplan como vacaciones? No, los días festivos y las vacaciones son cosas diferentes. Los días festivos son días de descanso obligatorios, mientras que las vacaciones son consideradas como un derecho laboral de los trabajadores y los días que se aplican varían según el tiempo que lleve laborando en la empresa. ¿Cuántos días de vacaciones anuales nos otorga la ley del trabajo? La Ley Federal del Trabajo garantiza las vacaciones anuales dependiendo de la antigüedad del trabajador o el tiempo de servicio. De este modo: 6 días laborables cuando la antigüedad es de un año de servicio Por los siguientes 3 años, el periodo vacacional se incrementa 2 días por cada año de servicio, de modo que cuando un trabajador completa los 4 años de servicio, la duración de las vacaciones anuales es de 12 días naturales. Al término de cada 5 años de servicio, el trabajador tiene derechos a 2 días adicionales de vacaciones anuales En caso de que el trabajador termine su relacion laboral con la empresa, debe de entregarce en el pago de la Liquidación lo equivalnete a la prima vacacional y las utilidades. ¿Mi empleador debe pagarme mi prima vacacional? No, el artículo 79 de la LFT establece que “las vacaciones no podrán compensarse con una remuneración”. Solo en caso de que termine la relación laboral y no hayas disfrutado de tus vacaciones, éstas deberán ser pagadas en efectivo. Todos los trabajadores tienen derecho a la prima vacacional. El artículo 80 de la Ley Federal del Trabajo establece que: Los trabajadores tendrán derecho a una prima no menor de veinticinco por ciento sobre los salarios que les correspondan durante el periodo de vacaciones”. La prima vacacional es la prestación en dinero, a la cual tiene derecho el trabajador con el objeto de recibir un ingreso extraordinario para el disfrute del periodo de descanso. ¿Cómo se calcula la prima vacacional? Es necesario conocer 2 elementos fundamentales para calcular tu prima vacacional. Salario mensual Vacaciones correspondientes La prima vacacional se calcula de la siguiente manera: Salario diario x días de vacaciones = X X x 0,25 = prima vacacional Así un empleado con un sueldo diario de 200 pesos con 8,5 días de vacaciones anuales, tendrá una prima vacacional de 425 pesos.
Major Benefits of Short Term Training Programs for Students
The rise in the population mark of India has brought a flood of competition among young people for work. Rather than merely choosing degree programs, students nowadays are focusing more on keeping up with the learning process while also gaining financial independence. The integrated on-job training program -Short Term Training Programs is a chance for amateurs to attempt year learning based opportunity and prepare for entry-level positions in the IT companies. Short term trainings are exceptionally design for learning and getting prepared on specific points which candidates are discovering hard to comprehend or need to learning for upgrading their skills. In right now, the organization not only check's the basics of the fresher's candidates but also how deep knowledge they do have of their respective technology. Other short term training programs just helps students to learn basics of the technologies which are not enough for them to get a job at fresher level. There are a few basics factors which should be there in the mind of the students while showing up for any of the interviews at fresher's level - There communication skills must be up-to the mark i.e. both written as well as spoken. The basics fundamentals and ideas of the innovations for which they are appearing must be very strong. The students must also know the latest news and updates of the respective technology. For understanding advanced topics of any technology, one needs to have strong and clear fundamentals. In most the cases, students lacks clear fundamentals and basics and find it very difficult to grasp advanced topics which are greatly in demand for getting jobs and other career opportunities. Adjusting into professional workplace is another significant benefit of short term training program. The candidates get colossal measure of time for getting aware of working culture of the organization in which they are enrolled for career training program.
Skills for the Future: Need to prepare 21st-century
The fourth industrial revolution is upon us and automation seems to be transforming the way we work. There has been a blurring of lines between the physical and digital spheres with technologies enabling enterprises in becoming productive, efficient, competitive, responsive, and cost-effective. In short, the professional world is changing at a rapid pace and is creating demand for a skilled workforce to meet the evolving challenges of the future. The world around us is progressively seeing the incorporation of AI and ML, robots, chatbots, IoT, and other automated technologies. This gives rise to questions such as are we ready for this change and are we preparing the next-gen workforce with the necessary skills, mindset, and education to embrace the tech-driven world of the future? Let us understand if the knowledge and education pursued as of today will be of relevance in the future as well? Type of skills for the future As opposed to common perception, automation or the use of technology does not necessarily throw people out of jobs but rather requires more people with the right technological acumen. To keep up with such a world people should have attributes like critical thinking, creativity, active listening, and others. According to the World Economic Forum, the fourth industrial revolution will need skills that prioritize problem-solving, collaboration, critical thinking, negotiation, and decision making. The fact that automation can do most of the jobs faster and better than humans means the 21st-century workforce should be reoriented towards creativity and emotional skills – skills that are lacked by machines. The in-demand jobs of the future would be for people possessing skills that computers cannot replicate. The skills to equip the workforce and prepare it for the twenty-first century are: Critical Thinking: It is the ability to analyze a situation objectively and find an unbiased and logically sound solution. In the era of fake news and social media manipulation, critical thinking can help the workforce to maintain a healthy skepticism of what it sees, reads, and listens to. Also, critical thinking is about asking the right questions before arriving at a solution based on intuition, creativity, knowledge of human behavior, and experience. This is important as computers driven by advancements in AI, ML, big data, and analytics need to be asked the right questions. Adaptability or Flexibility: The fast-changing world of technology means market dynamics are throwing up new challenges in terms of mergers, acquisitions, and others. And the workforce should be willing to adapt to the new technologies or evolving work environments by upskilling or retraining. The workforce should be committed to lifelong learning and not be complacent about skills acquired at the college or university. Leadership Skills: This is not about holding a leadership position and shouting instructions to one and all but of taking ownership of the job at hand. Even a new joinee can exhibit leadership skills by taking ownership of the job assigned to him or her. Efforts should be made for leading by example and delegating responsibilities optimally rather than managing a team authoritatively. Leadership also demands a person to have great interpersonal skills who can handle transitions, training, and migrations effectively. Teamwork: Employees in the 21st century should not only possess technical skills in their chosen fields but have the ability to get along with others as well. He or she should be able to understand others’ perspectives, communicate ideas cogently, and collaborate with other members of his or her team in accordance with the business objectives. Conclusion Even as the dominance of technology, especially automation will reign supreme, it is the intuitiveness and skills of the workforce that will deliver the outcomes. Candidates passing out of colleges or universities should move away from the bookish knowledge and add value to them by opting for skill development training. The future job scenario would require people who could reinvent themselves, be skilled in the relevant technologies of the day, and have the above-mentioned skills to succeed.
What are some good ways to find OPT students?
Many companies all over the world aim to hire OPT candidates or students who have had their education and professional training in the USA for their skills and knowledge. OPT students have better hard skills as well as soft skills that eventually make them ace all the work they are assigned that benefits the overall performance of the company. Hiring OPT students is difficult as well because of the competing job market. Right from finding OPT students offering the best packages, employers and recruiters need to do a lot of hard work. Also, OPT students, before working in any company, need to get done with the formal paperwork that the country’s respective government needs. The companies that hire OPT students have increased with time post lockdown due to restrictions imposed by the USA government. Though demand has increased for both OPT jobs and OPT candidates have soared, employers and recruiters still face some difficulties while hiring international students. And so before we start with some good ways to find OPT students, let us first know what you should know before hiring OPT candidates. What should you know before hiring OPT students? · If you are a USA based company, you should know that hiring OPT students does not require any documentation or fee from the employer’s side. Although the OPT student will need to pay a fee to the officials for the OPT permission · But before recruiting, recruiters need to check if the OPT candidate has received an EAD card. · Although OPT students can be hired for paid as well as unpaid services, it is advisable to pay good wages to attract potential talent for better working of the organization. Also know that you should not pay below the minimum wage set by the government for a particular position. · If you are hiring OPT candidates outside the USA, there are no particular working hours that need to be followed. · If the OPT candidate has just returned to their own country, employers should check if they have all the essential documents that the respective government needs for work permits. Good ways to find OPT students: Recruiters hiring OPT candidates often face challenges while hiring due to their high demand in the job market. So here are ways you can find potential OPT candidates. Employment Portals: Digitalization has had a huge impact on hiring. Employment portals have made hiring extremely easier, whether it is hiring a national candidate or international candidate. Various job portals have potential candidates looking for good opportunities. Employment portals also have paid services like resume blast and resume database for recruiters to hire top talents that visit the portal looking for job opportunities. One such portal that I came across a few days ago was OPTResume. They had affordable packages making hiring international talent easier. You can check out various job portals available online to hire OPT students. Also Read: Are There Any Job Sites That Allow Employers to Find OPT Students? Social Media: Social media has been a great platform for hiring entry-level talent. Many job seekers use hashtags to search for jobs, and so recruiters can post content with appropriate hashtags for better reach with jobseekers.LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc. are good ways to reach potential OPT students seeking job opportunities. Network: Your company’s social network is one of the good ways to find good OPT students. Your employees might know someone who is an OPT candidate and is seeking job opportunities for better professional training. Hiring candidates that your employees already know proves to be secured hiring. So ask your employees if they know anyone who can fit a particular position. Hiring OPT students will be easier if you choose to hire them through your network, social media, and job portals. Hope now it will be easier for you to hire potential OPT students for your organization.
What is OPT (Optional Practical Training)?
What is OPT? So many international students in the USA are on an F1 visa. F1 visa holders are allowed to work in the USA only when they have OPT. So OPT is an optional training program that allows international students to work in the USA in their field of expertise for 12 months. The students who are undergraduates or graduates and who are pursuing their degree or have completed their degree can work in the USA and gain professional experience in the sector. USCIS permits F1 visa holders who are pursuing their degrees or have completed applying for optional practical training. The USCIS provides an F1 visa that is flexible and allows a lot of privileges to international students under OPT. if you want to be read about Types of OPT Employment, Who is eligible for OPT?, How to apply for OPT? and When to apply for OPT? OPTnation is sharing some useful information regarding for f1 students. Read About Wha is OPT? - OPT For F1 Students What Work Privileges are Available on OPT Although you can work under OPT during your graduation, you need to complete at least 12 months in the USA before you start working. There are some privileges given to international students to work in the USA. As an F1 visa holder, when you are about to complete your graduation, you can apply for OPT, which permits you to work for any employer in the USA (Subject to all of the rules of OPT). You can apply for a new OPT for each new course you pursue in the USA. For example, if you are completing your bachelor’s degree, you can apply for OPT and work for a year. Then go back to university, complete a Master’s, and apply for OPT again and work for another year in your field of study. Also Read: Overview of OPT – How to Apply for OPT OPT STEM FIELD: One thing interesting about OPT is that if you belong to the science, technology, engineering, or mathematics field, you get an additional 17 months of STEM extension after you complete your graduation and OPT. So basically, the USA allows you to work in your field of expertise for 29 months if you belong to the STEM field. The degrees that qualify for the OPT STEM extension are: · Computer Science Applications · Engineering · Actuarial Sciences · Mathematics · Engineering Technologies · Life Sciences · Physical Sciences · Military Technologies Staying updated with all the rules and regulations of an F1 visa and OPT is extremely important while you study and work in the USA or apply for OPT. This can be a little complicated due to its technicalities, but you need to make sure you get proper guidance and knowledge so that you do not miss out on any opportunities. Also Read: How to Search for OPT Jobs in USA Quickly and Effectively?
5 ways to find dream job
In search of a dream job, people spend many hours on job sites. They send dozens of resumes, but often do not receive any response from employers, let alone an invitation to an interview. It's not surprising, though. After all, according to a study by Brandon Hall Group, a large employer receives from 102 to 137 resumes for each of the open positions. Anyway, it's hard to call such a job search effective. You should approach the search with intelligence and strategy. Here are five tips that may help you find the job of your dreams. Decide on your search criteria Identify the five criteria that are most important to you. For some it will be corporate culture, for others it will be a position or salary. "If you understand what motivates you as an employee, it will be easier for you to write a resume that matches your aspirations and skills," said Paul Sandusky, vice president of Ceridian. But be flexible as well. "You don't want your narrow specifications to cost you a job at a dream company," said Maria DeLeon, vice president of Glassdoor. If you got to the interview at the dream company, but your qualifications aren't quite right for the job you're applying for, be perfectly honest. Tell the interviewer about your skills and your desire to work here. It is possible that the company, seeing your interest, will find a more suitable position. Make a list of jobs that match your criteria Once you are clear about what you want from your job, use these criteria to search. Create a list of suitable jobs. This is not a conditional list in your head, but a very specific document. For example, Cheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, used an Excel spreadsheet when she was released from Harvard, where she carefully documented the search process. Perhaps you would be more comfortable working with a notebook and a pen. But, one way or another, systematize the process. Study the job text very carefully Some people do not read the job and send their CVs to all places that are at least remotely relevant to their skills. This is a mistake. Reading a long "towel" of the requirements set out in the job, strange as it may seem, save time. After all, you are unlikely to get a job that you do not meet, but you may lose time for hopeless correspondence and interviews. Change your resume and cover letter There's no need to send the same resume to all companies. If you go to a big and famous employer, do not be lazy to put a few individual features in the text. Not superfluous - adjust your resume so that it fits the vacancy as a key to the lock. For example, if the text of the vacancy in the first place mentions the presence of experience, and in the second - specific skills, then in the resume and rearrange items accordingly. Look through your acquaintances A lot of vacancies simply do not get on the Internet. You should look for such a job through your friends. This, of course, is not about "nepotism", but about contacts that you could get at any professional conferences or seminars. Write on social networks about what you are looking for work. It is quite possible that one of your friends knows a person who knows someone who needs a specialist like you. Of course, there is simply no universal recipe for a job. But a smart approach to finding a job significantly increases your chances of getting a good job.
“Work From Home” - What COVID-19 Alert Level 3 Means For Businesses
Employsure is here to support business owners to comply with the restrictions under the COVID-19 alert levels. The Government last week outlined the details of what relaxing restrictions from Alert Level 4 would look like, and has now announced the lowered restrictions under Alert Level 3 will come into effect at 11:59pm on Monday 27 April. Alert Level 3 will last for a minimum of a fortnight, and will then be reviewed by the government, before it makes a further decision on 11 May. Business owners that want to open can spend the next week preparing to do so, e.g. get stock etc, but have been asked to stick to social distancing and their bubbles. Schools and Early Learning Centres can be accessed for cleaning, preparation and maintenance. On 28 April, teachers will be allowed into the building – students who can attend will be allowed in the next day. “For those who can work from home during this period, it will allow them to still enable cash flow into their business, while eliminating the risk of spreading the virus between potentially infected employees,” said Employsure Senior Employment Relations Adviser Ashlea Maley. “While this may not be an option for all businesses, it is still the best course of short-term action, to keep things running as smoothly as possible. “Allowing more businesses to resume operations will help reduce the unemployment rate and will allow the economy to begin to correct itself. “While it would be good to see all businesses operating as soon as possible, the risk is still too high.” What businesses are open? Under Alert Level 3, major restrictions apply to hospitality businesses like restaurants, bars and cafes, as well as retail and hardware stores. Non-essential businesses that meet safety guidelines will be allowed to operate, but transactions but must be done through an app or online portal - not be face-to-face. Contactless food delivery or click and collect services must also be adhered to. Businesses that don’t have a customer-facing function and are only accessed by staff can reopen, but staff must practise physical distancing and comply with health and safety standards. The Government’s main message to employers is to still work from home if you can. Schools will open for children up to and including year 10 but physical attendance is voluntary. Those in years 11-13 will continue to learn from home. Looking ahead: “We won’t yet know the full extent the government’s decision to lower the alert level will have on small business owners,” said Ms. Maley. “For those non-essential businesses that can’t operate from home and have to return to the workplace, these next few weeks will be the factor in deciding if the decision to relax restrictions was the right one. “If they stick to good hygiene and abide by the safety measures they put in place, I can see this as a positive step forward. “Employers should ensure all staff are abiding by the rules and should take the correct steps in maximizing safety if a worker breaches them. “The coming months will be a new test for New Zealanders, and it’s up to all of us to work together, to ensure we can come out of this on the other side.” Resource Hub For Employers: To help employers meet this unprecedented challenge, Employsure has built a free Resource Hub, containing workplace policies, communications, checklists and FAQs. All information is free for business owners and can be found at #covid19 #newzelandbusiness #employee
Why monitoring isn’t always bad?
The Internet has changed the way people live their lives. With every updated technology, people have found new and quicker ways to interact with their family and friends. Cellular devices, advanced laptops, and most importantly, the internet has completely modernized the way everyone interacts with society. It has impacted the educational, communication, health, and other resources as well. With internet facilities, anyone can make purchases, order food, buy groceries, and transfer money instantly. It has offered us advancements, but at the same time, it has some drawbacks too. The total number of internet users all around the world is around 3.2 billion (half of the world’s population.) And the number of users is increasing with every day passing. With all the benefits that the internet offers us, it has many disadvantages as well. Some of them are mentioned below: · Addiction · Time-wastage · Way of distraction · Bullying/trolls · Online crimes · Spam and advertising · Pornographic and violent content · Never being able to disconnect from work · Identity theft · Hacking · Health issues and obesity · Depression, loneliness, and other emotional disorders · Social isolation · Incapability to socialize · Buying things that you don't need · An unsafe place for kids · Viruses/Malware How can monitoring be helpful? Many people choose monitoring apps as a way to save their loved ones from online hazards. You can monitor your kid's online activities, or you can track your employees using these apps. Many monitoring apps can provide you advanced monitoring features. XNSPY is one way to provide a safer online platform for your kids. You can track your team's productivity using XNPSY as well. The user-friendly and flexible interface allows it to work in different environments. It helps you to track the GPS location, monitoring internet activities, view the phone logs, and much more. Monitoring your kids Any parent how is concerned about their child’s life would want to provide a secure online experience to them, and monitoring apps could help them do so. When your kids enter their teen years, they are exploring new things. It is time for them to grow and take new opportunities to have a better understanding of this life. They try out new things to discover their abilities and skills. However, many of these experiences might not be safe for them, such as smoking, drinking, drunk driving, and much more. These unfortunate experiences could have a lifetime effect on their lives. Just like that, the online world is full of unexpected trouble for them if they are left unsupervised. It is a dangerous place for everyone, but children are the most vulnerable targets for online criminals. You do not know which click will put them in trouble. Internet is full of crimes such as cyberbullying, online predators, stalkers, pedophiles, and much more. It is not a place where you can let your kids surf alone. Thus, monitoring apps can be a generous help for concerned parents. Let us look at the benefits of monitoring your kids’ devices using monitoring apps. · Protection from inappropriate Content Monitoring apps allow you to block specific websites that hold age-inappropriate content such as pornography, violence, hate speech, and other unsettling content. · Track your child’s location You can know your kids' real-time location. Suppose your child is out, and you do not where they are. Monitoring apps can help you find your GPS location. This way, you can ensure that they are in a safe place. · Monitor their phone calls Monitoring can allow you to check their phone logs. You can track all the calls along with the time, date, and duration. It can help you ensure that they are not involved in anything specious or illegal. · Check their internet history Monitoring apps also allow you to check your child’s web history. This way, you can know which sites or pages are frequently visited. · Set screen time Many apps allow you to set a screen limit on your child’s phone. You can set the screen time remotely. · Manage their social media apps Social media apps have now become a significant part of kids' lives. Most of the teen spend half of their days surfing on these apps. Monitoring apps let you track their activities on these apps and ensure their safety. You can delete, hide, or block particular apps on their phones as well. · Check their shared multimedia files You can check their photos and videos that your kids have shared on any social platform. · View exchanged emails These apps also allow you to check their emails. You can keep track of all the emails your kids get. · Recovery of Stolen/Lost Device You can check the location of the device that lets you track it if it gets stolen or lost. · Track Your Child’s Activities Most of the apps offer a keystroke monitoring feature that helps you keep an eye on each stroke your child makes on their keyboard. · Know the People in Your Child’s in contact with Monitoring your kids' activities can help you get knowledge of their social circle. You can make sure that they are not hanging out with someone with strange habits or someone corrupt for them. Monitoring your employees Employee monitoring is another way of monitoring. Most companies use employee surveillance to increase their productivity and help the company grow. Many employers get concerned about workplace issues like property theft, identity theft, low productivity, workplace accidents, and violence. Monitoring your employees is one of the most reliable ways to minimize all these risks. You can say that employee monitoring can be the most beneficial aspect of the development and growth of a business. The software market is full of monitoring apps and software. More and more apps are now offering different advanced features for monitoring. Monitoring apps, now, does not only provide an attendance sheet that marks the attendance and count the working hours. These apps offer several renewed features that can track each activity of your worker. You can check their productivity hours, monitor their online activities, record each keystroke, and take screenshots as well. These apps offer every feature that can help you ensure that your employees are working productivity and are not wasting any of their time. These apps help you track them during working hours. You can monitor your remote employees as well. It is the most effective way to measure their working hours, their monthly performance, and other minor factors that make your company run successfully. Let us look at the chief benefits that monitoring apps offer to employers and employees. · Monitoring your employees can help you measure their productivity. You can choose the most efficient of the employees and praise them. It also lets you point out the mistakes they make and help them correct it. · It helps you identify the issues that may cause problems in the future. · You can track their GPS location and help them find the best routes to work without any traffic. Tracking their position can also help you assure that they are not going somewhere other than the workplace. · Employee monitoring can help you point out potential disasters. · It provides a weekly and monthly productivity sheet that helps you ensure that the whole staff is working at their fullest. You can set targets and check if they can achieve their set goals at the end of the month.