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Dont ever mess with Mr. Cockroach!
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@sjeanyoon i guess consider yourself lucky you haven't seen them fly! ahhhaha and hmm intimacy sounds a little... vague lol do i want to know intimacy with crocroaches? lolol
3 years ago·Reply
@sjeanyoon @ameliasantos hahaha..intimacy here means mating..lololololll
3 years ago·Reply
@rinapodolska so you are saying they only fly when they are mating?!?!?!? oh wow.. the image i just got...
3 years ago·Reply
@ameliasantos10 yep..it's true. last time they were flying and attacked me coz i dsturbed them during mating. it was too freaky! n what the image that u just got?? hahaha >.<
3 years ago·Reply
@rinapodolska Oh my....
3 years ago·Reply