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Screencaps 1 : Screencaps 2 : Screencaps 3 : Screencaps 4 : Screencaps 5 : Screencaps 6 : Screencaps 7 : Screencaps 8 : Screencaps 9 : --------------------- Hello everyone, I Do, I Do will start at 21:55 KST. Please refresh this card for live update:) - > - EunSung : Ankle's mom..Will you marry me? In fact, when people misunderstood me as your baby's father, I didn't get angry.. I want to go together with you. Of course, I know, it's hard to answer right now..but.. - JiAn : No. I want to answer now.. In fact, sometimes, I want to lean on your help. I don't know what to do... But It can't be the reason of marriage.. Once, you said, if people want to protect someone or something, people act cowardly.. But me, I want to be strong. After, I will talk to my baby that I am strong like this.. I am your mother. - EunSung : If you say like this.. I can't pester you.. > TaeKang's father was so disappointed to TaeKang. - TaeKang's father : If you will act like this, go to states!! > NaRi wanted to confirm JiAn's pregnancy. JiAn decided to tell the truth to TaeKang. > TaeKang waited for NaRi in front of JiAn's house. - TaeKang : Don't bully Ms.JiAn. She has hard time now..Don't say her pregnancy to others, please..Ms.vice-president. - NaRi : ...... NaRi got hurt. We know, she seemed to crush on TaeKang. Since TaeKang called her ms.vice-president, she seemed to feel a sense of distance. NaRi drank a lot and said to Jake, "I hate her! I will win at the competition !!" >Oh, JiAn and EunSung met reporters. It was for the article on Single mom! EunSung attached a paper on his back. It said "I will not get married" haha > NaRi and Jake visited to pattern department. They saw JiAn's design. They were surprised because it was really good! -NaRi : (To TaeKang) I will not tell Ms.JiAn's pregnancy. Why? Before that, She will get fired!! >JiAn and TaeKang went to restaurant to eat meats. They had to prepare the presentation and also, they wanted to eat something nutritious. After the competition, they planned to have a party! Because they will win! There were some wreaths in front of the restaurant. JiAn had an idea! She put lots of wreaths to celebrate her pregnancy in front of her office. CEO Jang felt betrayed. > EunSung met JiAn's parents and let them know her announce. > They got their samples. Jake's shoes were quite nice. BUT Jake and NaRi's bad plan-_- They changed JiAn's design and color !! > NaRi visited CEO Jang. She became really kind to NaRi. - NaRi : Do you hear Ms.JiAn's news? - CEO Jang : .......NaRi... I think you have to be CEO. > I criedT_T JiAn and her parents ate dinner together. She wanted to tell them about the article.. But they've already known about it. JiAn's father said, "In the history, lots of heros had only mother. Be strong and raise your child well! > TaeKang asked to his father to help him. - TaeKang's father : Then, go to states. Now, I know, you feel sympathy to her because of you mom. - TaeKang : Why do you feel sympathy to her? It's not a pity. She will become a mom! It's a thing to be congratulated! > People are so mean! They edited JiAn's photo like she has heavy with child! -_- > Oh, now JiAn saw their samples. She got shocked!!! She doesn't know what to do and refused to go home. TaeKang worried her a lot ! EunSung visited to her. She got angry to both of them ! "Don't you see? I'm working now!!" > At that time, TaeKang's father made an abrupt appearance! He seemed a hero!! They sent JiAn home. - TaeKang's father : It's a deal. I help you. After this competiton, go to States with Jake. D-Day!! > JiAn arrived to office and found her sample. It was wonderful!! > TaeKang reformed shoes for JiAn. He put shoes on JiAn. - TaeKang : Are you ready? - JiAn : ..Yes.. - TaeKang : Do you still remember our dinner party? - JiAn : ... Oh! JiAn kissed on TaeKang's cheek ! -TaeKang : ???? - JiAn : Let's do good work ! Wow>_< I'll upload screencaps! Don't worry! haha > JiAn and TaeKang entered to the competition venue. The corporate warrior and her loyal knight!!!! ------------------------------- EP12 was over ! Today we watched some romantic scene ! Our JiAn became more strong! They made perfect shoes. Don't have to be worry! If you want me to ask details, don't hesitate! And also, I'll upload screencaps as always:-) Thank you !
Ankle's father is the sweetest man on the planet.
its a guessing game lol. can't wait to see the outcome.
@slamdunkfanfb Oh! It's another assumption !
ahhh....cant wait to see this tonight
i bet JiAn wins and quits the company and leaves to the US with TK to support him.
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