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Instagram Stories have changed tools and features

In this article you will get to read about the latest Instagram Updates 2020. In addition, also get aware of new Instagram updates in 2021. So, that is you are a creator you can plan new marketing strategies in advance. Or you can just make use of new tools to stand out with the most updated features.
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How To Increase WordPress Website Speed
How to speed up WordPress site? Is it possible? Are you facing tremendous losses just because of loading speed? How to speed up WordPress sites?Are you worried about WordPress slow loading? Are you struggling to reduce the bounce rate because your online buyers are no longer waiting? So, when your WordPress site loading slow, follow these proven strategies (Tried & Tested) to increase the performance. 1. The right selection of web hosting provider One of the essential factors that result in WordPress slow loading, is the inappropriate selection of a web hosting provider. You need to pay attention while choosing web hosting as the speed of your website broadly depends on it. At the initial level, you may opt for cheap hosting services to cut the cost, but ultimately, you need to rest at the premium hosting only. This is so because it delivers the best-in-all performance to your visitors. It would be a worthy investment to look for a trusted web hosting provider like- DigitalOcean, Google Compute Engine, SiteGround, Amazon Web Services, and others. You can buy dedicated cloud servers Select the well-optimized servers And, for the best results, connect with the professional WordPress Development Company to increase WordPress website speed significantly. 2. Optimizing the size of the images Images are an important element for any website development. It communicates faster where words fail to. However, on the other hand, it often results in WordPress slow loading when you don’t optimize the size of the image. So, the catch is – optimizing the images as well as maintaining the quality level. Read more: How To Increase WordPress Website Speed
How Do I Build the Best but Cheapest Gaming Computer?
One that offers decent gaming performance in current titles should be a cost-effective gaming machine (PC) and will last you a few years before you think about upgrading. This will translate into a gaming PC that will now provide gaming experience with a high frame rate of 1080p and will provide playable gaming experience in the next 3-4 years. Since the gaming industry is heading toward 4 K gaming, even for a budget-oriented PC, a decent 1080p gaming experience should not be a concern. Given that we have chosen a slightly lower display resolution, both the GTX1060 and RX580 are decent low-cost GPU choices. A more future proof option will be GTX1070 or Vega56 if your budget allows it. All current titles can be run by a quad-core CPU, so a Ryzen 3 1500X or I3 8350 is a decent budget-oriented option, while Ryzen 2600X or i5 8400 are more future-proof choices Ram memory prices have dropped a bit, so depending on your budget, you can choose to get either 8 GB or 16 GB. For Ryzen, I must note that you should get at least 2933MHz certified memory, while the 2600MHz RAM modules are good enough for gaming with Intel. You can choose a cheap motherboard to be cost efficient, but I would prefer one with Intel Ethernet and a newer audio solution like Realtek 1220 because you are gaming. A marginally better network response than cheap network adapters is offered by Intel Ethernet, and the only better alternative is a Killer Ethernet adapter. For instance, an Asus Strix B350-F is a budget option for Ryzen 2600X that can provide the above features but is relatively cheap because it is being replaced by B450.0. Being cost-effective means that your case can bypass fancy led lighting, so having airflow is one important thing. For optimum airflow, get one that has a 12 cm fan in front and at the back, while the PSU is on the bottom of the case. Finally, cost-effective means you may want to miss getting an SSD, but I highly recommend that you (and maybe one or two games) get at least 256 GB SATA SSD for the machine. Beware, for maximum efficiency, have at least 20 percent of the SSD empty. Those with slightly deeper pockets can choose an NVME M.2 512GB SSD with a 2TB hard drive configuration. For hardcore gaming, laptop computers are not really suitable. Since their hardware is restricted to thermal and power requirements, they typically have variants of clocked desktop hardware. If possible, avoid buying a gaming laptop.
Step wise instruction to Install and Setup Belkin router in just a few minutes
We all know that Belkin provides the best wireless routers. It uses high-quality material to enhance the Wi-Fi speed and clears the dead zones around your house. If you have already bought the Belkin router, you have made the best decision. Now, what left to do is Belkin Router Setup and Installation, which you can do just in 5 minutes. For that, you can follow the steps given below. 1. The initial step that you have to do is connect your Belkin router with power outlet source 2. Then, also connect your modem to the power source and then connect it to the wireless router by using the Ethernet cable. 3. After the connection is made, wait for the lights to go solid on both the router and the modem and start the installation process. 4. When you are done with connecting modem and router then, reboot both the devices 5. Now, on your computer checks the Wi-Fi section. 6. Refresh the Network list and look for the New Belkin Network on the list. 7. Connect to the Belkin network and open a browser for login. 8. Use the default web address or IP address for the login process. 9. You can type the default IP address i.e. in the address bad then click on the search icon. 10. You need to select the language and time Zone to configure easily. 11. When you are at Wireless, you need to set up your username and password. 12. Then, select WPA2-PSK in the security type and then apply settings. 13. Now, you need to type a password and apply and save the settings. 14. Then, reboot the router and modem and connect them again. 15. Lock the Belkin dashboard and set up a new password and change the settings. And then, no other than you can access it. 16. With that, you are all done with the installation and setup.
Trending in Technology: Data Scraping Services and Auto-Checkout Bot
Successful businesses require a lot more than hard work and great ideas. There is a huge need for making it smart work too. In this era of worldwide competition, it becomes difficult for most brands to sustain themselves. Hence these brands keep coming up with new technologies to boost sales and gain a competitive edge. Two of such smart techniques that I recently came across were data scraping services and auto-checkout bot. Not sure what these two are and what they do to help e-commerce then read this blog. Data scraping services Also known as web scraping is importing data or information from one website into a spreadsheet or a local file on one’s computer. It’s a fast, easy and efficient way to get data from the web. This data may need some processing either manually or through automation. Techniques include- Human copy-paste: Most basic but in some cases extremely useful as no machine can replace a human’s work in some aspects yet. Text pattern matching- This could include either Regular expression-matching facilities of programming languages (for instance Perl or Python) or UNIX grep command to extract information from webpages. HTTP programing-Can be used for both static and dynamic web pages. HTML parsing-Semi structured data query languages can sometimes be used to parse HTML pages and to retrieve content. Or it could be using data mining where a program detects, extracts and translates into rotational or wrapper algorithms. DOM parsing-Using browsers such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla browser certain programs can retrieve content by client-side scripts or by parsing web pages into the DOM tree. Vertical aggregation- Using BOTS. Semantic annotation recognizing Computer vision web-page analysis What are the uses of data scraping services? Data can foremost be used for generating leads for any company. These leads could help in improving sales for the company. This data can also be used to transfer information from an online e-commerce to a local vendor. Data can be collected from various sources and combined all in one. This data when collected from several sources can be ready for retrieving useful information. For example, the product information from your e-commerce can be updated on Google shopping which saves you the laborious work of updating it every time. This should particularly be done for your latest and most selling products to produce up to date listings. Auto checkout bot Another interesting technological advancement in recent years. This one particularly favours eCommerce more. Auto checkout bots will ensure that the customer when they use your eCommerce are automatically checked out. All the actions will be done without human intervention and will not waste the time of your customers and employees. These BOTs are generally legal and can be coded by a professional. Conclusion The e-commerce industry needs dynamic changes to adapt to the growing needs of the customers. And if the latest trends continue as they are, I think it will grow even faster in future.
What are the Benefits of 5D BIM?
5D or the fifth dimension has various benefits for stakeholders of the AEC industry. It adds the element of cost to the existing BIM model. The adoption of 5D allows greater numbers of people to collaborate in the conversation from the onset. A 5D BIM model allows the automatic generation of quantities for quicker processing of accurate data. It also allows estimators to find new opportunities for generating efficient design, cost, and project performance. 5D integrates design, cost, and schedule in a 3D-model. 5D aids every project stakeholder in the construction sector, but the ones that leverage the most benefit includes project managers. Being able to access and extract information from a 3D model instead of a set of drawings enhances productivity by a large magnitude. As the project progresses, data linked to cost is continuously updated through a parametric model. Thus, the cost is dynamically calculated. 5 Benefits of 5D BIM are: · Higher and positive Return on Investment · Leverage real-time data to shorten design and estimation time · Enhanced productivity and mitigated rework · Reduced project cycles · Clear understanding of project scope, schedule, and cost A project management solutions provider from Egypt outsourced its Healthcare Construction project. Deliverables required by the client included a 3D coordinated BIM model. 2D drawings were provided by the client in generating a clash-free 3D BIM model based on LOD 500. The deliverables helped the client generate an accurate material takeoff helped the client streamline activities, reduce rework, and leverage better ROI. Hope this answers your question and helps in gaining clarity on the benefits of 5D BIM.
Ưu điểm máng lưới Inox
Ngày nay Inox được sử dụng rất nhiều trong đời sống. Trong ngành điện nó cũng được sử dụng rộng rãi. Trước khi tìm hiểu những ưu điểm của máng lưới Inox. Chúng ta hãy tìm hiểu: Máng cáp lưới inox là gì? Máng cáp lưới inox là máng cáp được làm từ Láp inox có tác dụng nâng đỡ các dây cáp điện, dây cáp mạng trong các tòa nhà, văn phòng, các công trình điện. Máng cáp lưới inox giúp bảo vệ toàn bộ hệ thống điện, bảo vệ người dùng và tăng tính thẩm mỹ cho công trình điện. Đặc tính tiêu chuẩn của máng cáp lưới inox • Chiều rộng: 100mm – 1000mm • Chiều cao: 50mm – 200mm • Chiều dài: từ 2000 mm – 3000 mm • Độ dày inox: 1mm – 2.5mm Ưu điểm của máng cáp lưới inox • Chất liệu từ inox nên cực kỳ bền, tuổi thọ cao nhờ đó nâng cao thời gian sử dụng cho toàn bộ hệ thống điện. • Thiết kế hiện đại nên làm tăng tính thẩm mỹ cho hệ thống điện. • Giúp hệ thống điện sắp xếp gọn gàng, khoa học tiết kiệm được không gian, diện tích cho tòa nhà. • Khả năng chống chịu mài mòn, chống hoen gỉ, chống bám bẩn, khó bám bụi và rất dễ vệ sinh. • Trọng lượng nhẹ nên dễ dàng vận chuyển, di chuyển và lắp đặt. • Khả năng chịu nhiệt cực tốt và chịu được va đập mạnh. • Kích thước đa dạng cho người dùng lựa chọn. Xem thêm máng cáp lưới Inox tại đây:
High pressure compressor in Pakistan
These machines do what few others can do, providing countless devices and processes - large and little - with high-pressure connections and operating capabilities. they're present altogether sectors and perform specialized tasks. they supply high productivity, but they are doing not require an automated operation, and lots of work 24 hours each day. It is also unlikely that there'll be a permanent list of compressor applications. once you believe in using a compressor, the answers are very almost like what you cannot do - with the proper accessories and touch of creativity? The use of air compressors is so versatile, dynamic, and reliable that it's become the backbone of commercial infrastructure. At the very least, these machines work flawlessly, providing high and high-energy compressed gas for a spread of tasks or functions. However, you'll be surprised to use air compressors because these machines don't stop at normal tasks. There are dozens of uses for air compressors. Some may have heard you before, while the creativity of others may surprise you. These sorts of compressors are popular in powerful industrial applications, 24 hours each day, also as for little commercial or maybe personal tasks. By dividing the utilization of air compressors into these two categories, we will better focus our research. The use of compressed gas in lifestyle shows the true versatility and character of those machines. These amazing applications of compressed gas are often found in businesses like construction, utilities, industry, and mining, also as in resorts, cars, garages, and backyards. We're researching these cool apps. Industrial applications of air compressors The industry has long relied on safety, energy efficiency, and high-performance air compressors. When properly controlled, they supply an almost permanently controlled flow of air, which is restricted only to maximum operating temperatures and machine pressure. Most industrial screw compressors are often operated 24 hours each day, as long as temperatures are below 49°C (120°F), in order that the parts are cooled and lubricated by injecting oil, water, or gas. Extra air. Industrial compressors generally produce between 10 and 500 hp. Unique applications for gas When you check out these machines, you often believe in high-performance industrial applications with large-scale gas. That's not surprising. Although the economic use of spiral compressors still dominates the market, they're not the sole sectors where positive shear blades are active. What are your options for using air compressors for external industrial applications? additionally, there are some amazing applications and processors within these specific processes. Dry detergent. In-home laundry, there are probably air compressors stored in clean rooms. These air compressors are available in different sizes and pressures and may be wont to lay out, iron, process stains, and restore solvents from the foremost sensitive materials that conventional washing machines cannot handle. The compressor chemical cleaning systems are designed to satisfy the size and performance of laundry cleaning and may operate fully. And because air compressors are highly energy-efficient, upgrading some machines and processes to incorporate them can save to 25% on utility bills and overall operating costs.
World-class Mobile App development Ideas for a successful startup 2021
Mobile app development is vital to business growth, sales, and ROI- this is what commonly heard in the mobile dominated universe. Regardless of the size, type, and nation, the equation of mobile adoption is the same for every business. As we have already stepped in the fourth quarter of the year 2020, the businesses who have not mobilized the operations or those that have already gone mobile, are looking to rethink the businesses with mobile style either by going mobile or by optimizing the mobile apps. The former type of business is often stuck at the point of a world-class app idea because it’s all about the uniqueness of app ideas that can make or break the app’s success. When you start searching on the internet, the plethora of mobile app ideas you will find makes it difficult to narrow down the choice to one (The idea that guarantees profit and steps in the market trends). That’s why our team of technical masters, business analysts, and marketers sits together and conducted research to find out the list of app ideas that are here to stay and worth investing in 2021. Here’s the list of 21 mobile app innovative ideas that steal the show in 2021: Ecommerce solution for handy shopping Let’s accept it: most of us are shopaholics who love to shop from the comfort of a couch and skyrocketing revenue from mobile Ecommerce is the best evidence of the same. The life-changing app saves precious time and handles everything on people’s behalf, which ensures this trend would no longer get obsolete. Augmented reality apps to transmogrify the reality The AR technology works like icing on the cake for existing mobile apps or innovation for the businesses. For instance, the online M-commerce stores are adopting AR technology to allow the customers to try things such as clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, or furniture before they purchase. Voice translation apps to end up the language barrier Expediting to a location whose language you don’t know is the biggest nightmare for every wanderlust. That’s where real-time voice translation apps are the savior that takes local language as the input and translates them into English or other desired language. It enables people to connect with and roam in any corner of the world without any language barrier. On-demand taxi app to say no to hailing a taxi on the road --Mall navigation maps to locate and find everything in-malls --On-demand grocery app to get groceries at the doorstep --A real-time carpooling app for affordable rides --On-demand healthcare for handy appointment booking --Parking space finder app to effortlessly find a parking slot --On-demand home service- every service at your home --Language learning app for broader life experiences --On-demand salon app for modern users --Video editing app to enhance the videos --On-demand bus ticketing app making bookings effortless --Supermarket checkout app to enhance the shopping experience --Finance management app to keep you within budget --Travel planning app for the next ultimate trips --Real estate app to buy, lease or rent a property --Dating app like- Tinder to find the best match --IoT apps to control the house remotely --Toy exchange app- make huge savings The last word The global app revenue reached $50 billion in the first half of 2020, that’s 23% up year-over-year. It indicates react native mobile app development has become a revenue-generating machine and every entrepreneur likes to piece of apple pie. This is a lucrative opportunity but they can’t move ahead unless they won’t have a novel app idea that helps in creating a distinctive niche in the market. A long list of classic app ideas is enlisted that allows you to enjoy the success galore. Choose the one that you find the best. Read more: World-class Mobile App development Ideas
YouTuber Films Suicide Victim, Doesn't Get Why His Jokes Arent Funny
[tw: mentions suicide] This is Logan Paul, YouTuber and brother of Jake Paul and equally influential YouTuber. He has over 15 million subscribers and makes videos about pranks, extreme sports, and basically living off of all the money he makes. Most of his fans are under the age of 17. He has been posting a video every single day for over a year and plenty have been controversial (one of his most successful videos is when he reacts to seeing color for the first time, but then he later admitted that he lied about being color blind) This week though, even his fans have said he has gone too far. He is currently in Japan and making videos about his trip, but he and his friends headed to Aokigahara, also known as Japan's suicide forest. It's the most popular place to tortured people to end their lives. It is known for its beauty so people do go there just to see the nature, but they went into the restricted section. They go on a visit to the forest intending to focus on the "haunted" aspect of it, he says in the video. After walking a short distance into the forest, the group come across a body. The group is filmed approaching the body, which is shown in several close-ups where only the face is blurred out. A member of the group is heard off camera saying he "doesn't feel good". Paul then asks him: "What, you never stand next to a dead guy?" He then laughs. He then took the time to pose with the man (who is revealed to have just died a few hours before due to the color of his body) in order to get the perfect thumbnail and then posted it on his channel. This is literally what the thumbnail image was: It got over 6 million views. Later in the video they joked that YouTube wouldn't put ads on a video with a dead guy so they might as well take sake shots too (YT has a new strict algorithm about what kind of content can make money and obviously suicide isnt one of them) After the video got a ton of criticism, he took the video down and issued this half ass apology: He later posted a video apology but come on. This is just disgusting. I am so sorry to the family of that victim and to anyone who has been affected by suicide. There is NO excuse for what he did. If it was a live stream and an accident I could understand if he was overwhelmed, forgot to turn the camera off, etc. But this was filmed, edited, and uploaded. He zoomed in and took from different angles. He posed for pictures with the body. He is trash. If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide, please visit for a way out of depression.
Top 10 IoT Development Companies
Get insights into the Latest architecture of the Internet of Things (IoT) and know which are the topmost companies that are providing the Best IoT software development respective to your business The Internet of Things has brought the Internet and technology-enabled services together. With users utilizing the access to innovative solutions that have impacted in making IoT a vital part for the businesses to implement their next-gen development. Innovations such as smart homes, smart devices, smart cars, and smart healthcare have completely transformed the usability of the internet as a useful technology resource. Tech innovators and IoT-based development companies are continuously and competitively working on developing new technologies including mobile apps and other tech solutions. In a bid to pursue the clients with their unique and attractive solutions. As per sources, an estimated $3 trillion is about to be spent collectively by businesses and consumers on IoT devices in the year 2020-21. This makes it the best time for the businesses involved in industries such as agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and utilities to develop the latest Internet of Things technology-based solutions for their consumers. Now, let us explore the list of Top 10 IoT development companies: Hashstudioz Technologies Cited as one of the pioneers in IoT development and known for their valuable and efficient product engineering development services. Hashstudioz Technologies have established itself as one of the topmost IoT software development companies globally. They have an experienced team that engages well with the latest technological developments consisting of expert guidance along with young professionals who are dedicated to developing the best of IoT based architecture for the clients, making this organization the sought after company that is approached by businesses worldwide. The company has developed projects by utilizing the protocols like WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, LPWA, Cellular along with cloud-based services that provide greater accessibility with data storage and maintenance supported by AMS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Blurmix. Under its latest portfolio, Hashstudioz has worked on the implementation of a fleet management system and other IoT based applications for businesses ranging in the domain of Healthcare, Automotive, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Smart Cities, Travel, and Retail. The clients that have successfully associated with the organization are Honda, Pfizer, Delta, Gionee, Omron, and many others. As Hashstudioz Technologies continue on the path of developing some of the most challenging projects under IoT and provides its clients with the highest level of satisfaction, this draws it towards the top-ranked IoT software development company in the list. Headquarter: USA, India Contact: +1 (415) 890 8990, +91-95000 69296 | Founded: 2018 | Employees: 250-500 Company Expertise: Product Engineering, Web & Mobile Development Services, Software Development Services, UI/UX Services, Data Analytics, Travel Technology Services. Fujitsu An organization that is known for its capabilities in developing IoT based architecture development in providing hyperconnected business transformation. The Company has been providing solutions merging the internet of things with artificial intelligence, cloud services, and other relevant technologies. Fujitsu had been working with its clients to enable their IoT related business requirements with real-time data processing, automated operations, secure interface, better user engagement, and experience. Fujitsu comes under the list of successful IoT-based development organizations that have built trust and empowered their clients with the best-developed IoT architecture as per the business requirements. Headquarters: Tokyo Contact: +81-3-6252-2220 | Founded: 1935 | Employees: 140K+ Company Expertise: Integrated Systems, Client Computing Devices, Cloud Data Analytics, AI embedded systems Kanda Software Reckoned as a leading software and technology development company for enterprises. Kanda Software with its focus on innovative and enhanced implementation provides optimized IoT solutions. Working in the domain of machine learning, IoT, and advanced analytics technologies has allowed the company to cover the businesses’ requirements and help them pursue intelligent enterprises. The company under its expertise and experienced team is able to deliver various Internet of Things solutions with real-time intelligence-enabled services. Along with IoT based solutions, Kanda Software brings its cloud platform for businesses as it enables them with technology for handling their business operations. Headquarters: USA Contact: 617-340-3850 |Founded: 1993|Employees: 1000+ Company Expertise: IoT ML Solutions, IoT Web & Mobile applications, Data Analysis Service, UI, Data Visualization Service. Siemens Siemens’ technical expertise and its comprehensive portfolio with long-standing experience in developing the latest technology advancements are helping it to pioneer itself as a reliable organization that is trusted by clients across the globe. With years of experience and expertise in providing state-of-the-art solutions in domains including IT, industry, finance, and energy. The Company has been working on the latest architecture in providing the clients with solutions that are based to satisfy their business requirements. Augmented Reality, the Industrial Internet of Things, Cloud-based services are the services where they have established themselves as the frontrunners for the businesses to opt-in for their services. With a dedicated team at work, it makes Siemens one of the most well-functional organizations in serving their clients. Headquarters: Germany Contact: +49 (69) 797 932850 |Founded: 1847|Employees: 340K+ Company Expertise: IoT customization services, ML and Augmentation, Blockchain Development Services, Mobile App Development. Cisco Leading with the aim of providing cutting edge solutions for businesses with tech-based transformation. Cisco has been efficiently and swiftly improving business outcomes with its end-to-end IoT enabled architecture. Network connectivity, Edge Computing, Data Control & Exchange are the services that the organization has been actively engaged in providing its clients with satisfactory solutions. Under the IoT development, Cisco has been putting the latest innovations to give optimized solutions as per clients requirement, the solutions are developed across verticals in manufacturing, transportation, smart cities. Headquarters: USA Contact: 1-800-553-2447|Founded: 1984|Employees: 75,900 Company Expertise: IoT Data Management Solutions, IoT App Development Solutions, IoT based Consulting Services, IoT based Security Solutions. DCSL Software Ltd Stated as one of the most reliable IoT development companies, DCSL Software Ltd brings its expertise in providing digital solutions that are designed with the aim to optimize business performance. The company provides effective solutions in the domain of IoT app development, enterprise and industrial IoT, consumer IoT. DCSL with its analytical abilities provides a systematize and analyze procedure for the operation of the devices built on IoT as per the client’s requirements. Specifically, the organization has mainly dealt with the requirements belonging to digital banking, kiosks, vending, and POSs. Headquarters: UK, England & Wales Contact: +1 720 207 2820 | Founded: 1994 | Employees: 1000–5000 Company Expertise: Data Analytics & Management, IoT Business Intelligence, IoT eCommerce. Intellias Intellias keeps its operations focused on working and managing the IoT services and specifications as per your business requirements. The company signifies the development of integrating IoT services in providing solutions for apps, mobile devices, cloud services. The team at Intellias carries the required skills and knowledge that help them in grasping the client requirements and providing the best of solutions in IoT development. The IoT based systems developed by Intellias are most feasible and can also easily embed needed requirements to minimize resources in the development of the applications. The company also works upon services like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Intellias has been serving industries under the domain of retail, agriculture, real estate, energy, and automotive. Headquarters: Ukraine Contact: + 38 (032) 290–36–90|Founded: 2002|Employees: 1001–9999 Company Expertise: Embedded Software Solutions, IoT Smart Connectivity Services, Edge Computing Solutions, IoT Cloud Services. Silicus: Silicus with its operations being based upon the development of the IoT based service provider with a team that is capable of designing the solutions in software, analytics, IT infrastructure, and digital workplace. As a software development company, Silicus enables its resources for businesses by providing intelligent solutions. Some of the best solutions offered by the organization are based on the cloud architecture that implements well with the latest IoT technology. With its optimized and high-end integration services, few of the latest projects developed are based on the core IoT specifications with device management, device connectivity. The organization has formed a trusted and long-lasting relationship with its clients Headquarters: USA Contact: +1 866 912 8855 | Founded: 2000 | Employees: 500–1000 Company Expertise: IoT Cloud Solutions, Mobile & Web Service. Softeq Development Company Being a leading Internet of Things software development company, Softeq works on developing digital solutions for businesses that require the establishment of the Smart Devices concept. The enterprise puts forward the resources that make it capable to work with various communication interfaces & protocols consisting of NFC, WiFi, and BLE. They have been operational as hardware service providers with working based on hardware prototyping along with digital signal processors and microcontrollers, controlling & relaying data from connected objects. The client base of Softeq, which includes HP, Epson, SanDisk, Microsoft, and GoPro. Headquarters: USA Contact: 8885525000 | Founded: 1997 | Employees: 200–500 Company Expertise: Web Apps Solution, Hardware Solutions, Embedded Software Solutions, Mobile Apps Solution, Blockchain Development Solution. LeewayHertz LeewayHertz has enabled the successful inclusion of smart technologies that have heaped upon the development of enterprises. The Organisation has its IoT operations on software development, firmware development as it is able to work upon and bring out the desired solutions for the businesses. LeewayHertz provides solutions for IoT in web services, embedded systems, and mobile platforms. Their solutions are known for providing secure, stable operations with a seamless way across platforms in enhancing products. LeewayHertz works with various platforms, including Google Services, Azure, AWS, and IBM Watson under its IoT services expansion. Headquarters: USA Contact: +1 877 801 8115 | Founded: 2007 | Employees: 251–500 Company Expertise: IoT Solutions, Firmware Solutions, IoT software development, Mobile App Development. After going through the presented list of the topmost IoT software development companies, the question that remains to be answered is as to how your business shall get benefited from the listed organization or which company you should opt for in relation to fulfilling your business IoT development needs. The answer to this would be that It totally depends upon you to figure out the best innovative technology firm that you want to put in your investment, as each listed IoT development company holds its own advantages in providing you with the best of the service.
Latest Lead4Pass CCNP 300-820 exam practice questions and 300-820 exam dumps
Lead4Pass CCNP 300-820 Exams "Implementing Cisco Collaboration Cloud and Edge Solutions". Full Cisco CCNP 300-820 exam dumps: Cisco Certified Network Professional Collaboration 300-820 exam tips list: [p.s.1] Cisco 300-820 exam practice questions [p.s.2] Cisco 300-820 exam Pdf [p.s.3] Cisco CCNP up-to-date information [p.s.4] Lead4pass Coupon 2020 [p.s.1] Share a part of the Cisco Certified Network Professional Collaboration 300-820 exam practice questions from Lead4Pass for free QUESTION 1 Refer to the exhibit. When configuring a search rule that routes call to a zone, what occurs when 13358 is dialed? A. 13358 is replaced by 135 and then is sent to the local zone. B. 13358 is replaced by 135 and remains in the same zone. C. 13358 is replaced by 135 and then is sent to the traversal zone. D. 13358 is sent directly to the traversal zone. Correct Answer: C QUESTION 2 Cisco Collaboration endpoints are exchanging encrypted signaling messages. What is one major complication in implementing NAT ALG for voice and video devices? A. Internal endpoints cannot use addresses from the private address space. B. The NAT ALG cannot inspect the contents of encrypted signaling messages. C. NAT ALG introduces jitter in the voice path. D. Source addresses cannot provide the destination addresses that remote endpoints should use for return packets. Correct Answer: B QUESTION 3 Refer to the exhibit. Which description of the transformation is true? A. It converts 4123@exp-name.exp.domain: to 4123@exp.domain B. It changes all patterns that begin with 4123@exp-name.exp.domain: to 1@exp.domain C. It changes 413@exp-name.exp.domain: to 413@exp.domain D. It converts 4.3@exp-name.exp.domain: to 1@exp.domain Correct Answer: A QUESTION 4 Refer to the exhibit. Which two numbers match the regular expression? (Choose two.) A. d20d16d20d22 B. 2091652010224 C. 209165200225 D. d209d165d200d224 E. 209165200224 Correct Answer: CE QUESTION 5 Refer to the exhibit. An Expressway-C and Expressway-E are configured for B2B calling and the Expressway-E zone is set to TLS Verify Currently, calls do not reach the Expressway-C. The Traversal Client zone on the Expressway-C for B2B reports the information in the exhibit for the Peer 1 address. Which action resolves this error? A. Configure the Expressway-C Traversal Client zone Peer 1 address with the fully qualified domain name of the Expressway-E. B. Configure the Expressway-C Traversal Client zone transport protocol with TCP. C. Add a server certificate to the Expressway-C that is signed by a certificate authority. D. Add an intermediate certificate to the Expressway-C that is signed by a certificate authority. Correct Answer: D QUESTION 6 Which two statements about Mobile and Remote Access certificate are true? (Choose two.) A. Expressway Core can use a private CA-signed certificate. B. You must upload the root certificates in the phone trust store. C. Expressway must generate a certificate signing request. D. Expressway Edge must use a public CA-signed certificate. E. The Jabber client can work with a public or private CA-signed certificate. Correct Answer: CD QUESTION 7 Which two statements about Expressway media traversal are true? (Choose two.) A. Expressway Control is the traversal server installed in the DMZ. B. The Expressway Edge must be put in a firewall DMZ segment. C. Cisco Unified Communications Manager zone can be either a traversal server or client. D. The Unified Communications traversal zone can be used for Mobile and Remote Access. E. Both Expressway Edge interfaces can be NATed. Correct Answer: BD QUESTION 8 In a Mobile and Remote Access deployment, where must communications be encrypted with TLS? A. Cisco Expressway-E and endpoints outside the enterprise B. Cisco Expressway-C, Cisco Unified Communications Manager, and IMandP C. Cisco Expressway-C, Cisco Expressway-E, and Cisco Unified Communications Manager D. Cisco Expressway-C, Cisco Expressway-E, and endpoints outside the enterprise Correct Answer: A QUESTION 9 Which DNS record and port combination must be resolved externally for Mobile and Remote Access to be used? A. _collab-edge on port 8443 B. _cisco-us-edge on port 5061 C. _collab-edge on port 5061 D. _cisco-us on port 8443 Correct Answer: A QUESTION 10 Which service is available in a cloud-based deployment using Cisco Webex Messenger? A. Presence B. Phone services C. Voicemail D. Call forward services Correct Answer: A QUESTION 11 What is the purpose of using ICE for Mobile and Remote Access endpoints in the Cisco Collaboration infrastructure? A. ICE controls the bandwidth usage for Cisco Collaboration endpoints if the endpoints are located outside the company network. B. ICE enables Cisco Collaboration endpoints to determine if there is direct connectivity between them. C. ICE uses FAST updates to optimize the video quality in case of packet loss. This technology is available only from Cisco Unified CM version 11.5 and later. D. ICE enablement allows for the Cisco Collaboration endpoint to register through Expressway servers to Cisco Unified Communications Manager behind a firewall. Correct Answer: B QUESTION 12 When determining why Mobile and Remote Access to Cisco TelePresence equipment does not work anymore for an organization. There are several administrators and configuration changes that could have happened without anyone knowing. Internal communication seems to be working, but no external system can register or call anywhere. Gathering symptoms, you also discover that no internal systems can call out either. What is TraversalZone missing that causes this issue? A. link to the DefaultZone B. pipe to the DefaultZone C. SIP trunk to the DefaultZone D. route pattern to the DefaultZone Correct Answer: C QUESTION 13 Jabber cannot log in via Mobile and Remote Access. You inspect Expressway-C logs and see this error message: XCP_JABBERD Detail=" Unable to connect to host \\'%IP%\\', port 7400:(111) Connection refused" Which is the cause of this issue? A. Rich Media Session licenses are not activated on Expressway-E. B. Expressway-E is listening to the wrong IP interface. C. The destination port for Expressway-E is set to 7400 instead of 8443 on the Expressway-C. D. The XCP Service is not activated on Expressway-E. Correct Answer: B [p.s.2] Get Google Drive Cisco CCNP 300-820 dumps PDF from Lead4Pass for free: 300-820 CLCEI - Cisco: This exam tests your knowledge of collaboration cloud and edge solutions, including: 1. Cisco Unified IM and Presence 2. Expressway configurations 3. Cisco WebEx Teams hybrid and emerging technologies [p.s.4] [12% off]Lead4pass Coupon code 2020: "lead4pass2020"