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I wish it was possible nd in my room....
4 years ago·Reply
@urvashisingh520 that is probably every girl's dream! ahha just imagine you are painting a picture of someone and it came to life! wow hahah
4 years ago·Reply
tricky..but could see the whole pic a paint itself! quite a masterpiece.
4 years ago·Reply
i think there's a hole on his neckline where you can insert your hand so it will looked like he's holding you while you're touching his face.
4 years ago·Reply
@suraniMH1 i think you are right! now that i look at it again in details i think the whole photo is a painting! @denramirez i don't thknk the girl in the picture is real either ahahah but this will make a great piece at the 3D museum!
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