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I'm sure most dog owners and non-dog owners know that you should never feed a dog chocolate. The oh so decadent chocolate is for humans only :) Chocolate contains methylxanthines (found in cacao seeds) that causes diarrhea, panting, hyperactivity, tremors, abnormal heart rate, seizures, vomiting excessive thirst and urination. There is a higher concentration of methylxanthines in dark chocolate than milk chocolate or white chocolate. Basically, the higher the cacao content the more methylxanthines.
@fallingwater more like lucky pup!
My dog has a nasty habit of going into my purse to snatch my granola bars if i leave it on the ground and i always get so scared cause of the choco, but luckily he hasn't had a bad reaction some dogs are like little garbage disposals!
@pixiececi Oh my. I'm so glad to hear that your dog is okay. There's actually a lot of foods that you shouldn't feed your dog. Follow my collection for updates:) By the way.. what type of dog do you have?
Omg I didn't know that and I once fed my dog a chocolate cake!! I'm so thankful and happy nothing happened to her after that!!
a dog at my old office at an entire chocolate rabbit once....and was still hungry....strange pup??
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