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You might know Everland and Lotte World already. Then, how about Seoul Grand Park? It's not very well known to foreigners but it is a huge garden style park which has so nice amusement park, zoo and museum for everyone. Also, it's quite easy to access - you can reach the park in 30 minutes from Seoul downtown (subway line 4). Enjoy few Seoul Grand Park photos and see detail information from following links. So, have you decided to ride the sky lift over the lake? ^ ^ * To book the 'best value for money accommodation in Korea',
@nokcha i guess this has to be on my to visit list in seoul ahhaha i have only been to the aquarium here ahha
@ameliasantos10 I went at the end of winter so it was still cold and the animals weren't really out to see, but i want to go back in the summer! its HUGE! we saw lots of lions and giraffes though :)
@nokcha how was the zoo here?? i still haven't been to one
I've been to the zoo here! Next time I'm in Korea, I'd love to go again :)