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CHOOSE u all knw my answer hehes ;-)♥
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doing great. watching several dramas. about 38 days of school left. looking forward to summer. btw are you in high school or college?
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@dramacrazy i am 24 lol i graduated w my bachelors in 2012 worked now planning on giving my cpa exam and exploring lets c what else life nd GOD have for mee lol ;) <3 how abtt uuu how is ur teaching going ;) <3
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@saharhyunjoong, it's been a good school year. I can't believe that the school year is almost over. this year I'm teaching Spanish 1 and 3. next year it will be levels 2 and 3.
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@dramacrazy good chingu i am happy 4 uuu wowww :-)♥♥
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Sorry Mingo but I have to go with my man hyun. but I love you both
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