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Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy Details

Spirit airline cancelled flight Refund Policy?
Would you like to know the favourable refund policy for the cancelled Spirit flight? Then, you are at the right spot as here you will get the necessary details on the same. It is quite easy to understand the refund policy of the Spirit airlines as it is created keeping in mind the circumstances of the passengers. Go through the below points that one should know prior to requesting a refund for the cancelled flight tickets.
· There is no refund to the passengers who have Spirit reservations tickets from the unauthorized portals.
· You will receive a full refund if the ticket is cancelled within 24 hours of purchase and the difference between departure and booking date is 7 or more days.
· If you cancelled the flight ticket online, then you will save 10 USD or more on cancellation fees.
· The airline will process the refund amount within 7 days if the payment mode is credit card and 20 days for the rest payment modes.
· As per the Spirit Airlines refund policy, a passenger need not be required to give a cancellation fee if the flight is cancelled by the airline.
· This airline may relinquish the cancellation fees if the passenger is cancelling the flight booking due to death in the family.
Accordingly, you can precisely cancel your flight ticket and get a refund from the Spirit Airlines. If you still require more details on the Spirit Airlines reservations, you can reach the customer support team in order to get imperative and quick assistance. They will give you all the possible and useful answers at an ease. In addition to this, you can go to the service desk to sort out all your issues in fixed time.
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What is the cheapest month to fly to London?
Travelers often focus on booking the tickets at an affordable cost to save and enjoy more during their trip. To book tickets to fly to London at a low cost, people can book at least three weeks before the departure to get a below average price. The high season to fly to London is June and July, and January is the cheapest month. Moreover, you can go through the below written tips and tricks to book a cheap flight to London. Tips for booking cheap flights to London. Firstly, prefer to book the tickets in advance to save more on flight tickets. Try to avoid last-minute booking to get more discounts. People must check the available coupons on the airline's website before purchasing a flight ticket. Ensure that you are not ignoring the layover flights since direct flights can cost you more than layover ones. Try not to book the flight in the peak season, since the ticket price rises simultaneously, leading to fewer discounts. Also, check the discounts available on a specific bank's credit and debit cards. Make sure that you pay the amount with these cards to save more on the tickets. Make sure to book the tickets from incognito mode so that it cannot store the history or cookies and show you the actual price of the ticket. The tips mentioned above can help you book the tickets on the cheapest month to fly to London at an affordable price. Although if you find any trouble, you can contact the airline's customer service to know more information regarding the cheapest days to fly to London.
How can I Find the Cheapest Flights to New York?
When you plan a trip to an international journey like New York, you always have to use different modes through which you will get the best deals for your travel. So to Find the Cheapest Flights to New York, then in such scenarios, you will have to use various platforms by which you will get quite more benefits for the trip to New York. So for your reference, listed below are some of the important ways you can use point by point for guidance. Advance Booking: while you plan a trip to New York City, you must go for advance booking because in this mode of booking you will get the best deals and offers for Cheap Flight tickets to New York, and then you can get to call the reservation team for help, and they will assist in getting your reservation done with quite a convenience.  Go for Seasonal Discounts: The seasonal discount is one of the main criteria in finding cheap flight deals to New York because within seasonal months, there are festivals, and at this particular time, you will get to see the flight fares waiving off, and they're a lot in number where you can book your ticket without any hustle. Mid-night booking(odd hours): This is the most appropriate way to get cheap flights to New York because, at mid-night or early morning hours, the booking rate of customers is in a minor number. You can get your booking done with quite a smoothness, and at this time, you will get the best fares, and a suitable seat selection option can also be managed conveniently. Get help via Incognito Mode: The incognito mode is the platform where you will get the best searches for the New York flight deals with ease. Because while you search into incognito mode, you will get accurate results for your search without any break and with appropriate guidance. Use Coupon Discounts: The Coupons you get after your previous trips, then those coupon codes can be best used while you book your ticket to New York with a cheap flight because these coupon codes lessen your actual fare away from the best offers onto your chosen trip type. Payment card Discounts: While you pay for your ticket after reservation, you will most of the time get debit/credit card pay time discounts for sure.
Delta Airlines Customer Service Phone Number
Delta Airlines is one of the most renowned airlines in the world. With a vast fleet of planes and destinations all over the world, they have something for everyone. If you’re looking for a great airline that offers amazing service, then Delta Airlines is your go-to choice. However, if you’re looking for a customer service line that can help you with anything from getting your ticket rescheduled to having your luggage delivered on time, then you should Dial their phone number. Delta Airlines has a wide variety of Delta Airlines Customer Service Phone Number options so there’s no need to worry about finding the right one for you. What is the Delta Airlines customer service phone number? The Delta Airlines customer service phone number is 1-800-Delta. How can I reach Delta Airlines customer service? If you’re looking for a great airline that offers amazing service, then Delta Airlines is your go-to choice. However, if you’re looking for a customer service line that can help you with anything from getting your ticket rescheduled to having your luggage delivered on time, then you should Dial their phone number. Delta Airlines has a wide variety of customer service options so there’s no need to worry about finding the right one for you. What are the different customer service options that Delta Airlines has? Delta Airlines has a variety of Delta Airlines Customer Service Number options that are designed to help you with everything from getting your ticket rescheduled to having your luggage delivered on time. Here are a few examples: - Delta Airlines has a customer service line that can help you get your ticket rescheduled. - Delta Airlines has a customer service line that can help you with getting your luggage delivered on time. - Delta Airlines offers a variety of phone numbers that are designed specifically for customer service. What do you need to know in order to speak to Delta Airlines customer service? In order to speak to Delta Airlines customer service, you’ll need some basic information. For example, your airline ticket number and the type of service you’re looking for (such as getting your baggage delivered on time). You can also ask them questions about your trip or how your trip is going. If you have any problems with your trip, you can always speak to their customer service line. Read These More Information Blog 10 Adventure Vacation Places to Visit in the USA During Covid-19
Does Lufthansa have free cancellation policy?
Lufthansa is undoubtedly a great airline when it comes to making customer-friendly policies. That is why they have made sure if any customer faces any kind of issue. It will be cleared in a short time by their customer support. So, if you're looking forward to making the cancellation, then it is necessary to know the Lufthansa cancellation policy and the refund policy. After cancelling, you can claim your refund by filling up the refund form. For cancellation, Lufthansa will charge you $100 to $500. It depends on which kind of booking you made. To know the exact procedure, you can follow the road ahead.  What are the policies of Lufthansa regarding refund and cancellation?  * In case your flight was cancelled by Lufthansa Airlines, then you're going to get a complete refund.  * To avoid cancellation fee, make the cancellation twenty-four hours before the departure time. Simultaneously, make it certain that you made the booking seven days before the flight's departure date.  * Suppose your flight got delayed by three hours or more. Then you have the right to claim a refund.  How can I claim the refund? To claim the refund, you would need to fill the refund form. You can even contact customer support.  * Get on Lufthansa's official website.  * Now in the search bar, write "Refund Form."  That is it. Once the search is over, you'll come across the refund form.  * Fill the refund form. After that, within seven to ten working days, you'll get a refund. Hopefully, your query regarding the Lufthansa Refund Policy is solved. From next time onwards if you'll have any doubt regarding the refund. Then follow the information above. 
+1(802) 209 2600 |How Do I Contact Ethiopian Airlines | Ethiopian Airlines Helpline Number
An Informative guide to Contact the Ethiopian Airlines want you look planning your trip with Ethiopian Airlines? You can get the best deals and offers along with the on-time services of Ethiopian Airlines. If you want to contact Ethiopian Airlines, you can get quick assistance through the various mediums. You can get to know all the information regarding your flight deals and other services. Call the customer support To contact Ethiopian Airlines, you can get in touch with one of the Agents of the airlines through the Customer care service. You can follow the steps below to get the assistance: Visit the administrative website of the Ethiopian Airlines, and pick the Ethiopian airlines toll free number. Then, Follow the given IVR instructions you hear on the call. Several number press options will be provided according to the different customer queries. In order to talk directly with a representative, you have to wait for a while so that your call can be redirected to one of the customer support agents of the airlines. Once you get in touch with the agent, you can explain your query or can get your required information without any hassle. So, To prevent miscommunication,the best option is to directly make a call. All you need to do is visit the website and get the Ethiopian airlines customer service helpline number. In addition, you can also get to know more about the airlines by various ways mentioned below: Through Email You can email the Ethiopian Airlines through the mail address given on the executive website. All you need to do is drop your concern, or make your request regarding the flights and keep the Email address of the Ethiopian Airlines in the subject section. Now, send your mail to get quick assistance. Through Online chat Online chat is also offered by the Ethiopian Airlines for the customers. You can have an instant chat session with the Ethiopian Airlines expert which will clear all your doubts regarding your flight reservations and further requests. Through social media  There are various social media platforms for Ethiopian airlines. You can all the related information by visiting the following social media platforms as well: Twitter- @ethiopian/Twitter Instagram-@ethiopian/Instagram Facebook-@ethiopian/Facebook So, above were the various social media platforms to contact the Ethiopian Airlines. If you want to talk to Ethiopian Airlines Customer Representative team then you can make a call on regarding same at +1(802) 209 2600. Click here for more details:
¿Cómo hablo con Latam Paraguay?
¿Cómo comunicarme con Latam Paraguay? puede pedir ayuda cuando se enfrenta a cualquier problema con el vuelo de Latam. La aerolínea Latam ofrece sus mejores servicios en todo el mundo, si tiene planes para reservar un billete de avión, entonces puede ponerse en contacto con el LATAM Paraguay teléfono, en su número de teléfono gratuito se puede preguntar sobre el proceso de facturación si no es consciente, también se puede saber acerca de los esquemas y las políticas de la aerolínea. Cuando tiene conocimiento de su cada servicio particular, puede experimentar un buen viaje con este vuelo. Instrucciones para llamar al servicio de atención al cliente Si no conoce el método de llamada, la aerolinea le ha facilitado el número de teléfono gratuito al que debe llamar para solicitar asistencia cuando viaje con la compañía. Si sigue las instrucciones dadas, podrá encontrar la opción de llamar. * El primero, al buscar el número, debe abrir la página web oficial de la aerolínea. * Aquí, tiene que buscar la página de "atención al cliente" de esta aerolínea en la misma página oficial. * A continuación, tiene que bajar la página desplazándote por ella, cuando mire al final de la página, verá una nueva opción de "contacto". * tiene que introducir el nombre de su país y el idioma para la verificación. * Tras la verificación, el servicio aéreo le mostrará la opción "llámenos" que podrá marcar desde su país regional. * Puede utilizar el método anterior para estar en contacto con el representante de ayuda y soporte de la aerolínea, tendrá soporte en tiempo real e instantáneo. El número estará abierto las 24 horas para el servicio. Source: ¿Cómo llamar a Latam Paraguay?
Conozca las políticas de Southwest Airlines
Si no está seguro de con qué aerolínea volar para que su próximo viaje valga la pena, ha llegado al lugar correcto. Todo lo que necesita saber sobre Southwest Airlines está aquí. Southwest Airlines, o simplemente Southwest, es una de las principales aerolíneas de los Estados Unidos y la aerolínea de bajo costo más grande del mundo. Tiene su sede en Dallas, Texas, y opera vuelos a más de 120 destinos en los Estados Unidos, así como a otros diez países. Este blog repasa todas las Políticas de cancelación de Southwest Airlines, incluidas las noticias de cancelación de Southwest, las reservas y el número de la línea de ayuda. Continúe leyendo para tener una mejor comprensión de Southwest Airlines leyendo el blog completo. Política de cancelación de Southwest Airlines Southwest Airlines no impone cargos si necesita cambiar su boleto de avión, de acuerdo con su política de cancelación. Según la política de cancelación de Southwest 24 horas, puedes cambiar tu boleto tantas veces como quieras, pero si el nuevo vuelo cuesta más que el original, tendrás que pagar la diferencia. Para modificar su boleto de Southwest, llame al departamento de reservas o use su número de confirmación y la información del pasajero para verificar su vuelo en línea o en la aplicación. Si proporcionó su número de Rapid Rewards al hacer la primera reserva, también puede llamar a Reservas de Southwest Airlines o buscar el vuelo en su página Mi cuenta. Cualquier saldo de viaje o sumas reembolsables relacionadas con la confirmación de entrega serán visibles después de eso. Has introducido los datos de tu vuelo. Para cancelar su reserva de vuelo, seleccione "Cancelar". Política de cancelación de billetes no reembolsables De acuerdo con la política de cancelación de Southwest Airlines, reservar un vuelo reembolsable es el único método para garantizar que podrá reclamar un reembolso por cualquier motivo. Sin embargo, en comparación con los precios no reembolsables, estas tarifas parecen exorbitantes. Las empresas que requieren la capacidad de hacer varios ajustes o devolver un boleto y están listas para pagar una prima son los principales compradores de tarifas aéreas reembolsables. Es casi seguro que comprará un boleto no reembolsable si viaja por placer. Estos son algunos métodos para obtener un reembolso en un vuelo no reembolsable. Según la aerolínea y/o el tipo de boleto que haya comprado, es posible que pueda cambiar su vuelo sin costo adicional u obtener crédito para una compra futura. Política de reservas de Southwest Airlines Aunque no todas las reservaciones de Southwest Airlines son reembolsables, aún puede usarlas si cancela al menos diez minutos antes de la salida programada del vuelo. Si cancela un vuelo con un costo no reembolsable, obtendrá fondos para viajes (¡piense en ello como crédito de la tienda!). Para realizar un seguimiento de sus fondos para viajes, inicie sesión en su cuenta Rapid Points 4 y/o busque los fondos para viajes no utilizados aquí o a través de la aplicación de Southwest. Usa el número de confirmación original de tu viaje cancelado o modificado para aplicar Fondos para viajes a un nuevo vuelo a través de nuestra aplicación cuando estés listo para usarlos. Haga clic aquí para aprender a usar los fondos para viajes. El sitio web tiene información sobre reembolsos. Obtenga más información en nuestro Centro de ayuda, puede conocer las políticas de cancelación y reembolso. Customer service en Southwest Airlines Dentro del chat en vivo, ¿con qué temas puede ayudar un representante del cliente? Los viajes anteriores, los viajes planificados, Rapid Rewards® y las políticas y procedimientos son todas las cosas con las que los representantes de clientes pueden ayudar. El pago no se puede realizar a través del chat en vivo en este momento, y no pretende solucionar todos los problemas de viaje. Para obtener más información sobre cómo ponerse en contacto con Southwest, vaya a Contáctenos. El chat en vivo está disponible de 6:00 a. m. a 8:00 p. m. CST. También puede comunicarse con un Representante de Servicio al Cliente llamando al número de teléfono de cancelación de Southwest +57-6015-800-492, que está disponible las 24 horas del día, los 7 días de la semana. Aerolíneas : Vuelos: * Avianca Reservas Vuelos baratos de Nueva York a Santiago * LATAM Reservas Vuelos Nueva York a santo domingo * Southwest Reservas Spirit Airlines post-Covid 19 * Spirit Reservas * Iberia Reservas
Looking for an Atlanta Limousine for your Birthday Celebration?
Birthdays are often special occasions for everyone. As we grow older it isn't easy to design the perfect birthday for everyone you love. What better way to start than by taking the idea of an Atlanta limousine ride? The experienced chauffeurs of Rush Hour Limos can make your birthday celebration memorable with an enjoyable and comfortable journey around the metropolis. There are numerous ways to spend the day in Atlanta that will make any birthday memorable. Get it Glamorous The inclusion of a limousine in the celebrations is always a great way to provide a sense of elegance and glamour. Why? It's not every day that you have the opportunity to drive on the roads in an Atlanta limousine! It's also the ideal option for those in search of a comfortable vehicle to the Birthday Celebrations at a bar, a restaurant, or a conference room. There is Enough Space for Everyone What's better than taking a drive to pick up every one of your loved ones or guests? If you're taking them out for a birthday celebration, you'll want everyone to be there! On the way to the venue, be all out and have an extravagant red carpet laid all over the place where the limousine is expected to come up to. In the event, for instance, as the limousine is coming up, let the guests from the inside stand outside and be cheering on the person of honor on their arrival. Everyone Needs an Afternoon of Enjoyment If you're driving around in the limo in the first place Why not make a whole day out of it? Get your special guests picked up and stop at a few stops on the way to your party. It can include anything from spas, massages, shopping, or even grabbing an ice cream at your favorite restaurant. In addition in the course of the day, it will be a lot of time to relax in your Atlanta Limousine to the fullest. Irrespective of age What would be memorable about an event for a child's birthday, If the party was held outside of their own home, and if all guests were transported in a limousine? So, you could request your driver drive to every guest's home to collect them. If the kids are going bowling, mini-golf or the water park, or even the Zoo. So, adding the element of class a limousine can add to the celebration will guarantee that it will be one to remember. Rush Hour Limos is proud to provide you with a luxurious way to celebrate your birthday in style. We have incredible vehicles that are perfect for almost any type of event, whether it's a night out on the town or big birthday bash. Just Contact Us at 404-388-0048. Keep Visiting our website for more information
Does Frontier Give You a Refund?
Frontier Airlines is an ultra-low-cost carrier in the United States of America that provides scheduled passenger flights to several destinations. Frontier is preferred by its passengers because of its reasonable airfare rates and the services it renders to its customers. If you made a flight booking or a reservation with Frontier and the schedule doesn’t seem so fit now, and you wish to cancel your tickets, then you’ll find the following points quite helpful. Frontier Airlines Cancellation Policy If you are worried about the service charge and you need to know more about the frontier airlines cancellation policy, then the following points will help; * You can only cancel your flight ticket if it was purchased with the help of either the official Frontier website or by calling their reservations number. * If you cancel your ticket 60 days before your departure, you can cancel it for free. * If you cancel your flight within 59 to 7 days before your departure, you’ll have to pay 49 dollars. * If you cancel your flight within 6 days of your departure, you’ll have to pay 79 dollars. Frontier Airlines Refund Policy If you now wonder about the Frontier Airlines Refund Policy, then follow through; * You can get a full refund amount you paid at the time of your flight purchase if you cancel your Frontier tickets within 24 hours of the purchase. * You’ll have to cancel your flight at least 7 days before your departure date if you wish to get a full refund of the amount. * Refunds will only be initiated if the booking was made with the help of the official Frontier platforms. Thus, all the different points mentioned above will help you understand everything there is about Frontier cancellations and refunds so that you can enjoy a hassle-free flight with Frontier.
Make Your Train Journey Tasty With Food in Train App
“Traveling is incomplete without food” – Every individual would agree with this line. Also, Traveling by train is more enjoyable when you have a food partner of your choice. With the advancement of technology, tasty and healthy food delivery in trains is now feasible with authorised IRCTC E-Catering Partner RailRestro across all the stations. Every passenger may now order food on the train online and have it delivered to their train sleeper. By ordering food online through RailRestro during train travel, passengers can enjoy their favourite food in train. RailRestro and Its Services RailRestro allows you to order famous cuisine from other states while sitting in your train seat. In a few simple steps, they supply you with a variety of meal alternatives from RailRestro. Pamper yourself to delicious, hygienic, and sumptuous meals at your railway seat. They provide the best food delivery in train anywhere in India. RailRestro prepares your food in association with more than 2000 eateries, ensuring that you receive high-quality food while adhering to strict hygienic rules. All the restaurant partners of RailRestro are authorised by FSSAI. They ensure that passengers always get high-quality and hygienic cuisine. RailRestro allows you to order food for your train ride. They have put together a comprehensive online food selection that caters to various flavours. You may also end up saving good money by applying promo codes found on the website. Customers may also order food instantly by downloading the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. When you cannot access the internet due to being out of network, please call them at 8102202203 to place your order. You don't need to bring your lunch if you're booking train tickets for a future trip. On the train, the food on track app will satisfy your appetite and provide you with the best flavour of the town. Top 6 Tastier Options for Ordering Food in Train 1. Dum Aloo Your family will love this fantastic dum aloo. It is a delightful meal consisting of potatoes, crumbled paneer, butter, onions, Kasuri methi and ghee, which you can order using the food on track app. 2. Lemon Chicken Chicken, Lemon, dried chilli, garlic and some selective ingredients constitute this incredible recipe. Try this amazingly delicious chicken variant on your next train journey, and you wouldn't be able to resist ordering lemon Chicken when booking food in train! 3. Dal Makhani Dal Makhani is a Punjabi staple and unique Indian delicacy. This rich, creamy dal dish is infused with butter and can be eaten with naan or paratha or cooked rice. Impress everyone by adding to your food in train. 4. Butter Chicken Butter chicken is a favourite among most Indian non-vegetarians. The classic chicken curry is a superbly scrumptious dinner treat for your family. 5. Hyderabadi Biryani It's the perfect choice for all foodies. It is rice spiced and intermingled with soft chunks of meat or chicken. It is served with cold raita. 6. Idli Sambhar This glorious Idli Sambhar is a popular choice when ordering food on the train. You can enjoy Idlis for breakfast, lunch, snacks or dinner. It is served with finely ground coconut chutney and a hot bowl of sambhar. Precautions and Safety Protocols Taken By RailRestro Indian railway e-catering provides significant advantages over other meal options during the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak. During this pandemic, you can't rely on pantry meals. People are dissatisfied with the hygiene and quality of the pantry food served onboard trains. Only the E-catering service can guarantee you sanitary and fresh food while on the trip. During a pandemic, e-catering can help travellers with their dietary needs. RailRestro and its representatives do frequent safety checks to avoid any form of contamination. Their delivery partner must adhere to the norms and regulations established. It assists them in assuring the safe food in train during Covid-19. The following are some of the frequent safety checks they perform: • They take the temperature of the delivery people regularly. • Cutlery and dining accessories are sanitised. • Food is delivered with no contact delivery from the FSSAI-approved eateries only. • RailRestro can help you order healthy cuisine for your train journey. • Cooks are only allowed to make meals if their body temperature is below 99 degrees Fahrenheit. Only asymptotic employees are permitted to work in restaurants or serve passengers on trains. • Kitchens are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised regularly. As a result, coronavirus has no potential to spread through food. • In the kitchens, all restaurant employees wear protective masks. What Are the Advantages of using food on track app? The advantages of ordering food in train via RailRestro are as follows: • Get food delivered to your railway seat whenever you want. • At a reasonable price, you can get high-quality, hygienic train cuisine. • Get great and fresh restaurant food delivered right to your seat. • Trains have a wide range of culinary alternatives. • Get a refund if your food isn't delivered because you missed the train. • For group rail travel, there is a discount on bulk orders. • Food will be supplied on time to your seat/berth. Measures for Contactless Food Delivery by RailRestro Aside from restaurants, all food delivery guys are taught and instructed to follow the following safety requirements to ensure contactless delivery service in trains: • Before picking up orders from eateries, delivery boys must wash their hands properly and sanitise with a decent sanitiser to guarantee that they are free of viruses. • While making deliveries, the delivery person will ensure there is no interaction with passengers. It is suggested that they leave the food on the berth and ask the passengers to pick it up. • The "Aarogya Setu" app should always be activated on all delivery boys' phones; otherwise, they will not be allowed to deliver meals. • While delivering meals, all delivery boys must wear face masks and hand gloves. • Following each food delivery, the bags brought by delivery boys are thoroughly cleaned to ensure that no Coronavirus is present. The Bottom Line RailRestro is following all the safety protocols made mandatory by the government. It is the best food on track app. RailRestro assures that all restaurant partners meet hygienic food preparation rules and safety precautions during COVID-19. The delivery boys are instructed to follow the safety precautions standards and guarantee that food is delivered in trains without contact.
How do I get my Covid refund from Air Canada?
Have you ever changed your plan due to sudden circumstances while traveling by Air Canada? Because there are some of the most common issues that are generally faced by the passengers like heavy rainstorm and weather conditions are not suitable to travel or elsewhere you might find 3hours delay in flight due to some technical glitch in the airline. Then the most appropriate option is to cancel your reservation and go by air Canada refund policy, which will guide you over flight cancellation and refund policies. l According to Air Canada refund policy, if a passenger cancels the ticket within 24 hours of purchase, then 100% refunds are processed to the customer  l Or if passengers delay in canceling the air ticket within 24 hours of booking, then after the deduction, the remaining amount is transferred as e-vouchers, miles or they will get refunded in your original mode of payment. Is it feasible to get air Canada to refund? YES, it's permissible for Air Canada airline to get a full refund, but for that, you should know about the process for How to get air Canada refund, and refund process guidance you will get below; * First off, visit the official website and go to manage my booking section and type in the PNR number and last name of the passenger  * Then select your ticket to cancel it  * Now click on the refund option and fill the form with contact information, full name, email, phone number, etc * Then select the trip type and enter ticket number, date, and origin * Next, select refund reason and describe it within 1000 characters and submit  * At last, you will receive a confirmation email regarding the refund summary.