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In order to be able to understand what the store clerk or your local fishing buddies are talking about in terms of the rod, its good to learn some names of the basic parts. Not everybody uses these terms, but having them on hand just in case can be helpful when getting advice on the best rod. That being said, once you start to grasp the parts of the rod, you can ask your buddies to tell you what they find most important on a rod, and you'll understand it well enough to look for the same at the store, on your own. "Action" and "Power" are two more terms your buddies might use when explaining their rod preferences--don't worry! We'll get to those soon. Experts: Did you know all this rod lingo? I definitely didn't know them all, but then again, I'm not the expert.
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@mcgraffy I'm sure they will :)
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The ONLY word on this list that I was able to guess was tip lol!! Aish...I really am new to this. All those yummy fish recipes make me want to give it a try at least once, though!
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@onesmile you gotta start somewhere hehehhe
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Wow this sort of reminds me of the technical names of the sides of a ship, haha
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@cityofkyle theres definitely a lot of pieces. ...more than one would expect hah
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