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Chopped Challenge #3
Loving the feedback and ideas on the last round everyone! I get super excited with every suggestion :D This time I decided to switch it up and make this round a little on the sweeter side! This round MUST include: 1) Sour gummy worms 2) Sunflower seeds 3) Whisky 4) Blue corn tortilla chips 5) Canned peaches Tell me your suggestions and be as creative as your mind allows :DDD !!
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I think I would make try to make a cake from the peaches and sunflower seeds, make a sauce from the reduction of the whisky and sour gummy worms to create a glaze for the cake. Then, I would deep fry the blue tortilla chips and dust them with cinnamon and sugar and break them up like a crumble on top of cake for texture!
@imliz hehe keep brainstorming! no idea is bad :D ! @dillonk so true... in all honesty, this is pretty tricky hahaha