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Celebrities aren’t always known for being the most well behaved members of society. In fact, the misdeeds of many actors and musicians are followed by curiosity from fans and the public. It’s not quite as common, however, that many of these misdeeds become serious, criminal offenses, and when they do, it seems those offenses are skillfully hidden. Here’s a list of 5 actors with secret rap sheets: Tim Allen Buzz Lightyear has a record?! At 25, Tim Allen was found in possession of 650 grams of cocaine, but he became a confidential informant in order to get a lighter sentence. Almost 20 years later he was arrested for driving under the influence. Hugh Grant This quirky British rom-com heartthrob was caught receiving the oral services of a Hollywood prostitute in 1995. Danny Trejo With this tidbit of information, Danny Trejo goes from being an ordinary, albeit startlingly scary, action movie star to someone who we’re not quite sure is even acting. Trejo served 11 years for a variety of infractions, including murder, robbery, and involvement with drugs. Robert Downey Jr. Robert Downey Jr. was a mess in the 90s as he transitioned from budding star to serious actor. It wasn’t an easy transition. He was arrested multiple times towards the end of the decade for offenses such as the possession of firearms, marijuana, cocaine, and heroin. Mark Wahlberg Brandishing a wooden stick, 16 year-old Wahlberg attacked 2 Vietnamese men in a drug-induced, racially-charged outrage. One of the two victims was blinded in one eye as a result of the attack. He served 45 days of the 2 year sentence he received and shortly after dropped his rap persona and pursued acting more seriously.
Just goes to show you what a wonderful society we have become, worshipping hero's that are murderers and the like. certainly since we have taken on all "the tired, oppressed,weary, and poor"or whatever it says on the Statue of Liberty ( too pissed to look it up) or whatever walks across whichever border you wanna look at. I am the child of immigrants that gave up everything we had, to become legal American citizens, fought, bled, worked for this country, and for everything we have, only to see it absconded and to see our legasy ripped out from under our feet, only glad my parents are no longer with us to see what has become of this wonderful country we had! And glad that you will never know how great it was,because you don't deserve to know,God bless us and those like us!!
Danny Trejo just became much scarier in my book....murder?!?
for some reason even though i know about RDJ arrest.. i still feel like that's part of the thing that make fans attracted to him :D ahhaha i mean now that he sobers up it just makes it all better ^^
You can get arrested for what Hugh Grant did?? Oh man haha