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With fame sometimes comes ego, and with ego often come people who think the world revolves around their lives. Celebrities are especially susceptible to letting fame and fortune go to their heads. Here’s a list of celebs that have done just that: Beyonce Beyonce has built an impressive reputation for being one of the most talented female vocalists currently on the planet. She’s also established her identity as a huge diva. Staffers at the 2013 Super Bowl were reportedly not sad to see her go (they put everything she owned in a box to the left.) Lindsey Lohan Lohan had a fairly publicized spat with Jane Fonda a few years ago because of her behavior and immaturity on set. Those kinds of stories follow Lohan. She just cannot show up on time... Jennifer Lopez Lopez is notoriously demanding. She expects things to be a certain way and supposedly won’t do a whole lot until they are to her liking. Shia LaBeouf His recent “retirement” from public life wasn’t the first indicator that Shia is an altogether unpleasant person. He has consistently ticked off directors, co-stars, and crew members alike. It’s been rumored that he once told a 9 or 10 year-old boy to f*** off after asking for him for his autograph. Plus, the list of things he hasn’t plagiarized is getting shorter by the day. Gwyneth Paltrow Paltrow is another celebrity who expects the world to revolve around her every whim. One of her ridiculous demands is to have someone dry the gym shower before she uses it so she doesn’t have to come into contact with water that anyone else has used. Kanye West It’s no surprise that someone who named their kid after a cardinal direction is kind of a jerk. Kanye makes some of the most ridiculous demands Hollywood has ever seen. For example, he once refused to wipe his face with any cloth not bearing the Versace brand. Katherine Heigl This diva has trash talked just about everyone she’s ever worked with. Beyond that, she makes outrageous demands of movie crews and just makes life rough for anyone trying to film with her.