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Swim season is upon us and many women are sorting through last years’ swim selections with dismay. Fear not fair ladies. There is a perfect swim suit to suit your shape and we aim to help you find the right suit to minimize these common body shape issues. Pear Shape Women with pear shaped bodies, typically characterized by wider hips or lower body with slimmer shoulders, bust and upper body, usually struggle finding swimwear that doesn’t make them feel self-conscious about their bodies. Instead of trying on every piece in hopeless frustration, stick to pieces that draw the eye up rather than drawing attention to what you feel is your problem area. For instance go for embellishments, prints, ruffles, etc. around the bust-line or consider suits that are lighter on the top than the bottom. Also consider one-shoulder style suits in order to draw attention to your shoulders rather than your hips. Rectangular Shape Some women suffer needlessly during swimsuit season over a distinct lack of curves. Whether you consider it a square shape, ruler shape, or rectangular, your goal is to lend the illusion of curves where no curves exist. Swimsuits with halter tops, twist tops, padded cups, and sweetheart necklines are all great for adding the illusion of curves where few exist in reality. Also consider suits that have ruffles along the bust or waistline. Another popular option is color blocking to add the illusion of curves. Apple Shape Some women simply feel and look round. Your goal is to find suits that draw attention away from the midriff. The goal is to find suits that create definition for the waistline while playing up better features such as a nice bust-line or fantastic legs. Wear dark colors. Black, navy, and similar colors have a slimming effect. Avoid vivid or loud prints. Dress your swimsuit up with jeweled adornments if you want a little ornamentation or a riffle along the top of the suit. Wrapped swimsuits, tiered suits, V-neck swimsuits, and empire-waist “tanktinis” are all good choices. Don’t hide behind bulky cover-ups and t-shirts this summer. Find the right suit to flatter your figure for a summer to remember and you’ll never need to hide from the beach again.
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I'm not a huge fan of two pieces. No way am I risking having a wave come out of nowhere and pull my top off!!
@onesmile i just love swimsuits but maybe not on me?? hahaha
lets see if this gets me into a swimsuit this summer lol XD
thanks for the tips to get us ready for the summer!~ ^^