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Company that Provides Reliable Drafting, CAD Migration and Drawings Services Globally

TrueCADD is the best and reliable CAD solution provider for CAD modeling, design and drafting for more than a decade. The expert engineers’ not just assists you save the right data at your fingertips, but also simplifies the entire product development process and gets you free of excessive costs.

We recreate new mechanical drawings from data design and sketches, create assembly drawings for all types of mechanical assemblies, auto components, designs and then transform them into perfectly accurate multi-layer mechanical drawings.

Along with CAD drawing, design and migration, we have an extensive experience in designing sheet metal products or parts (i.e. sheet metal fabrication design, sheet metal brakes equipment & parts, rolls & shears design, sheet metal screw, etc.), Industrial design, Pressure vessel designs using SolidWorks and DriveWorks.

When you hire our experts, you will get robust and instinctive 3D CAD solutions that blend powerful capabilities with unmatched ease-of-use. It helps in accelerating design, saving significant time and development cost, which aids in improving overall productivity.

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Sửa máy in, cung cấp hộp mực máy in Canon HP
Dịch vụ sửa máy in, máy in màu tại nhà TPHCM. Đảm bảo uy tín chất lượng giá rẻ. Bảo trì các hãng nỗi tiếng Canon, HP, Brother, Samsung, Epson, Panasonic. Cung cấp hộp mực máy in giá rẻ Canon HP, Samsung, Brother Chúng tôi chuyên cung cấp hộp mực máy in Canon, HP, Samsung, Brother. Sản phẩm được sản xuất trong nước với công nghệ hiện đại. Các linh kiện được nhập khẩu từ các nước ngoài đảm bảo tín chuẩn xác và tương thích với các dòng máy in hiện nay. Sử dụng hộp mực tương thích đáp ứng nhu cầu in ấn cho các doanh nghiệp, cơ sở sản xuất và văn phòng công ty. Với giá thành chỉ bằng 1/3 so với hộp mực chính hãng nhưng chất lượng tương đương 95%. Chúng được thiết kế cho ra bản in văn bản rõ ràng, sắc nét và hình ảnh sống động. Chúng tôi cung cấp mực in chất lượng tốt nhất để đảm bảo mang lại kết quả mong muốn nhất. Hộp mực in chúng tôi mang lại chất lượng in tuyệt vời và giúp bạn tiết kiệm tối đa so với những nơi bán khác. Tất cả các hộp mực đều có thể được nạp lại nhiều lần, bạn chỉ cần dùng đúng loại mực, đúng hướng dẫn và đúng công cụ chỉ cần vài phút nạp mực lại  và bạn có thể in tiếp. Xem thêm tại:
Solar Based Actuator
Traditionally, the utilization of solar power in industrial applications goes back several decades by way of hydraulics and similar mechanisms; however, because of the technological advancement in solar power efficiency, it has become a practical, dependable alternative for many isolated locations. More often, industrial electric actuators are now making their way not only for highly powered industries but also for Consumer goods. Solar Energy in Valve-Actuation With the uptick in solar panel technology lately, solar actuators are proving up being a magnificent method to supply development for solar tracking. The solar energy is produced through the use of photovoltaic solar panels. These panels are situated outside so as to retain direct daylight in the ideal position. They are installed within the solar rack mechanism; solar actuators are helpful in improving the efficiency of solar panel system by tilting the panels to follow the orbit of the sun. Introduced inside the sun oriented rack instrument, electric straight actuators can help improve the effectiveness of the sun based board framework by tilting the boards to follow the circle of the sun. Kimax Solar Based Actuator To provide actuation in remote areas where supply of electricity is difficult, we have developed a solar based actuator which runs on solar and wind energy. This actuator comes up with a Solar panel, control box & a battery (for backup power).
Best 5 Tips to Successful Facebook Ads Marketing
Have you ever noticed how companies now prefer to promote their Facebook pages rather than their respective official sites? This is indicative of what proportion Facebook's influence on social media has grown over the years. Which premise is explanation enough why Facebook Ads Marketing may be a useful gizmo in promoting your products and services. To urge the simplest leads to Facebook Ads Marketing, here are a couple of useful tips you'll use. Set Up Goals By using built-in features like Facebook pages and groups, you'll make use of the site's social networking capabilities. First, you would like to line a goal in reference to social media, like acquiring many "fans" and members as you'll. Traditional campaign goals (site traffic, direct sales) are going to be instrumental also. Whatever you are doing, it is vital that you simply keep your campaigns definitive. Facebook marketing tasks like writing ad texts, linking URLs, and doing calls to action should have a concrete goal in mind. Select the Perfect Image A choice to select a thumbnail for your Facebook ad is going to be made available to you. Of course, the image you choose should be relevant to the niche your business is involved. Ads can benefit tremendously from images that are noticeable. It might probably be knowing experiment with a couple of images to work out which one makes an enormous impact. Targeting Methods Facebook ads can offer you a bevvy of targeting options which will help direct people to your Facebook ads. These include geography, age, gender, education, relationship status, workplace, and keywords. Assign a worth that corresponds to every one of them so as to interact with people that might express an interest in your ad consistent with the aforementioned target variables. Set Up A Budget Facebook advertising isn't much different from Google's Adworks during a sense that you simply also bid for keywords so as for your ads to be displayed frequently. There are two types in doing this: the value per click (CPC) model and therefore the cost-per-thousand (CPM) model. The CPC model is where you pay just for each click made on your ads; whereas the CPM model charges you for each instance your ad gets 1000 views. Each model has its own merits, and it's entirely up to you which of them one you think that would work best. As for the budget, it's recommended that you simply start small. Test the waters first; once you identify the set of keywords that result in raised results, that is the time to extend the daily budget to the recommended amount, which is $50 or more. Analyze Facebook features a useful analytics tool called Facebook Insights which provides you with the metrics that provide an account of each target variable. The knowledge obtained can tell you ways each variable of the campaign has contributed to the "sign-ups" made by Facebook users. This provides you with a thought on the adjustments that need to be made to help the ad campaign. Following all the ideas mentioned during this article will definitely bolster your Facebook Ads Marketing campaign. Follow everything to the letter, and you're sure to reap all the rewards.
Keunggulan Produk Timbangan OHAUS
Timbangan adalah alat yang dipakai melakukan pengukuran massa suatu benda. Timbangan/neraca dikategorikan kedalam sistem mekanik dan juga elektronik digital. Salah satu contoh timbangan adalah neraca pegas (dinamometer). Salah satu merek timbangan yang paling banyak digunakan yaitu OHAUS, brand internasional dengan banyak berbagai type produk ini paling banyak peminatnya. Anda bisa menemukan produk OHAUS dari distibutor yang menjual peralatan khusus laboratorium, semisalnya Ohaus MB120 Moisture Analyzers dengan Accuracy: 1 mg/0.01%, Capacity: 120g, Temperature: 40°C–230°C | Ohaus NV222 Portable Balances dengan Accuracy: 0.01g, Capacity: 220g, Type: Portable Balances | Ohaus AX622 Precision Balances dengan Accuracy: 0.01g, Calibration: External, Capacity: 620g, Type: Precision Balances. Profuk OHAUS ini terus berkembang setiap akan produksi timbangan dan alat laboratorium terkemuka ini. Produk dari OHASU ini meliputi dari berbagai macam timbangan (seperti timbangan analitik, timbangan semi-micro), moisture analyzer, ph meter dan pengukur air lainnya, hingga centrifuge. Anda bisa menemukan pilihan produk OHAUS sesuai selera di SAKA selaku distributor resmi yang menjual alat-alat Lab khususnya OHAUS Indonesia. Oleh karena itu berikut keunggulan dari produk OHAUS yang bisa anda ketahui, diantaranya.. Mudah Dibersihkan Draftshield Analitik. Draftshield Pioneer dirancang dengan semua panel kaca, termasuk tiga pintu geser. Semua panel mudah dilepas dan diganti, dan bersama dengan bagian bawah baja tahan karat, membuatnya cepat dan mudah dibersihkan. Indikator Tingkat Muka. Pioneer telah dirancang dengan indikator tingkat muka, sehingga pengguna dapat dengan cepat memastikan keseimbangannya setingkat sebelum digunakan. Pengaturan Lingkungan yang Dapat Dipilih. Tiga mode filter dan pelacakan nol yang dapat disetel menyesuaikan sensitivitas keseimbangan terhadap gangguan lingkungan, atau persyaratan aplikasi. Menghitung dengan Optimasi. Mode ini memungkinkan pengguna untuk menghitung berdasarkan berat bagian yang dihitung. Dengan optimalisasi, akurasi penghitungan ditingkatkan melalui penghitungan ulang otomatis berat barang. Persetase Mode Ohaus. Mode ini memungkinkan pengguna untuk menampilkan berat sampel sebagai persentase dari berat referensi. Readability : 0.1 mg Repeatability : 0.1 mg Linear Error : 0.2 mg Capacity : 210 g Calibration : Automatic external calibration weights purchase Pan size : Φ90mm The top space of the scales 180mm Size (width×high×L) : 196×287×320mm