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Choose the perfect IoT application development firm to work with?

Rattle Tech is a leading IoT mobile app development company that will alter your vision into an intuitive app business. Our IoT experts can transform your business idea with the latest technologies. Based on your Internet of things project needs, we will start the project as per the requirements of the business idea. Also, we are well-versed in IoT application development for the smart home, building, and smart cities around the world.
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Find out more about Live Tracking Applications
Nowadays, you will need to have to make an advanced vehicle tracking system that has increased rapidly. The vehicle tracking system is designed to know the position of the vehicle. A tracking system is developed by using GPS and GSM modules to locate the user’s vehicle easily. GPS module is used to track the location of the vehicle in the form of values such as latitude and longitude. These systems will facilitate the user to determine the actual location of the vehicle, its tentative arrival time, and speed. The vehicle tracking system leverages the Global Positioning System (GPS) to provide the exact location data. Our fleet solutions have helped many vehicle businesses in automating the operations while reducing the cost. Features to have-in for Live Tracking Applications There are so many vehicle tracking systems & applications available in the market and among them, it became very difficult for the intended audience to pick the best one which will be able to cater to their needs. Hence in this article, we are briefing out some of the cool features which are necessary to fulfill users’ expectations to have a full-fledged system to manage their vehicles or fleets. 1. Live and Real-Time Tracking With the integration of the GPS tracking device and GPS technology, it becomes very easy to track the vehicle in real-time. This will help users to track the movement of vehicles from one point to another over a map. The speed of the vehicle can also be monitored with this functionality. The interface should be intuitive and easy to use enabling the management of multiple vehicles simultaneously. 2. Trip Monitoring The application should have an interface to display the list of the trips made by the vehicle on the map. The system should be capable enough to display information like distance traveled, stoppages, speed, etc. 3. Regular Updates The best part of the tracking solution is that it keeps the users connected by sending notifications. The system will send instant notifications or alerts for various activities performed like overspeeding alert, Trip start alert, route deviation alert, and excessive stoppage alert, etc. 4. Alltime Accessibility In today’s connected world it becomes very easy to have each piece of information at your fingertips. Users can access the desired data on the web or apps, especially for vehicle tracking parents can easily track the school bus or the vehicles carrying their children, Fleet managers can keep track of their fleet location. The simple whenever anyplace access with easy-to-understand application keeps you in the stream with your vehicle’s movement continuously regardless of where you are. 5. Geo-Tagging The GeoTag functionality allows users to view or manage the geographical boundaries around the interesting area. Users will receive notifications when the vehicle enters or leaves the marked points or the locations. 6. Operational Analysis This easy-to-use platform allows users to manage the fleets owned. They will be able to generate various records or reports for the vehicles. Fleet managers or vehicle owners will be able to track and analyze information on their vehicles over a while. This will help users to generate various graphical reports based on total distance traveled, idle time, overspeeding, stoppages, and utilization. Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Application 1. Optimal Vehicle Utilization: This will help the fleet managers to manage the utilization of vehicles as overused and underused both can hurt the business. The tracking apps help to know about the usage of the vehicle to avoid any breakdown and improve its maintenance. 2. Fuel Cost Reduction: Excessive Fuel cost has been considered an important issue for every industry dealing with Transportation services. A vehicle tracking solution helps in optimizing the route for every shipment or delivery trip. This saves fuel consumption even with multiple stops. The cost saved for each trip adds up and helps reduce fuel costs to a great extent. 3. SOS Alerts: The system transmits SOS alerts during an emergency so that appropriate services will be provided at the location. 4. Financial Management: With the evolvement of GPS technology, it becomes easier to track the profit and loss of the business more easily. This helps you to make a better decision and prepare an appropriate budget for improving as well as making the business successful. 5. Optimize Resources: This tracking system will help to manage the utilization of the resources. By using certain tools such as reports and analytics, you will be able to use resources in real-time efficiently. Cost for developing a vehicle tracking Application The cost of the vehicle tracking application depends on the requirement shared like what all features and functionalities do the client requires. Once we will have all the information then with the help of the technology experts we do the calculation of the hours required to execute to have a full-fledged system meeting the expectation of the client. The cost for the development of the application can also be calculated using the below-mentioned formula Total Development Cost = Number of hours required for development X Hourly Rate of the developer Tentative hours required for the development of a vehicle tracking solution with the above-mentioned features will be around 400 hours approximately and may tend to increase or decrease based on the requirements as it may differ from business to business. GPS-enabled real-time vehicle tracking system is one of the most common applications that communicate traffic information to the web, integrate traffic-related information from other GPS devices, and identify the most efficient route based on the aggregate traffic data. Hence, having a vehicle tracking system is a good idea that would facilitate better vehicle visibility. To Know More check out the details of the Live Tracking App
Follow your passion and make money online using Online Teaching Platform!
The innovation of online learning platform and social learning network has brought us far on the journey of experiencing superior educational technology. Earlier, being a teacher only meant that you could either teach in a school or open a private coaching institute putting in a lot of money and time. But the tables get turned when the Ed-Tech industries introduced the technology of virtual teaching which opened the gates of being an online teacher for everybody. Especially during the ongoing COVID phase, online teaching has become a significant part of every teacher and learner’s life as lessons, assessments and courses are all on the virtual platform now. This significant change in the mode of teaching has inspired many to turn into online teachers and fulfill their passion without investing any amount. So let’s explore more about how you can make money by using an online teaching platform all the while holding your passion for being a teacher/mentor. What are the types of online teaching? The forms of online teaching are divided into two types- Synchronous - This involves real-time online teaching wherein live classes are used to provide lessons. The main necessity of this type of teaching is the time availability of both the learner and educator as it is time-bound and requires all of them to be connected at a fixed time. Asynchronous - This type of online teaching is just the opposite of synchronous teaching. This involves courses that have got nothing to do with real-time teaching as it is recorded lessons. This is not time-bound and the teacher can upload a recorded lesson anytime and the learner can go through it as and when possible. How to earn money using an online teaching platform? Create online courses These day’s online courses are being opted by not just students but also professionals looking to upgrade their industry-specific skills. Back in the days, online courses and virtual certifications didn’t enjoy the repo that regular certifications did but now things are quite different. Coronavirus made all of us technologically advanced and brought acceptance for everything virtual that was otherwise avoided. The year 2020 has been recorded as a golden year for the market of online courses and 2021 will only be an extension of it. Now you can imagine that online courses are the biggest money-making source of this digital education era and you can go for it too! But before you jump to the happy conclusion, do know that you need to follow a process that involves - Choosing a course topic in which you excel. Any sort of skill, education, or professional knowledge that you hold and people are willing to seek outside can become your forte. Take the help of market research and narrow down the choice of topics for the course. It can be the case that you are good at two or more things but which one will earn you money can be understood by going through detailed market research exploring what the audience is looking for. Create your course. Decide what all needs to go in it, right from media and content, everything needs to be planned and put in place to design a course that creative, interactive, and impactful. Put your course online. There are some of the best online teaching platforms out there that allow you to sell your course online and also help you with the marketing process. Promote your course. Learn different marketing strategies and apply them to your promotional agenda. Create and conduct live classes Apart from courses, learners always look for instant knowledge-seeking sources wherein they can participate, live and learn from experienced mentors. Live classes are also a form of courses but the difference is that it is not recorded or in the textbook form. To create and conduct live classes you need to follow certain steps such as - Acquire all the necessary equipment - To conduct a live class you need a proper lighting system, video camera, whiteboard, and mic. So get the ones that are in your budget and always keep spare equipment in case something goes wrong at the last moment. Plan your live sessions - If you want your live classes to sell and become famous amongst learners then plan them in an elaborate manner. Know what you need to teach for the day and plan a meaningful beginning as well as an impactful ending for all your live class sessions . Choose a platform - To host your live classes the most significant part is a platform that supports high-quality virtual classes along with perfect rendering of audio and video. You can read some tips on how to choose the best online teaching platform and then make your choice accordingly. Establish your brand name If you are already running a coaching center and want to establish your brand name on a wide level then social learning platform is the best place for it. Thousands of learners are present on social learning platforms so you can aim at your target audience at once and can get more learners for your online as well as offline coaching. What are the benefits of online teaching? Location and time flexibility The working professionals or homemakers who are too busy with their daily lives but are also keen to follow their passion can join an online learning and teaching platform and enjoy its ultimate flexibility. They can create a recorded course or upload recorded classes that are not time-bound and scale it on a large level reaching it out to the learners across the globe. Ideal side business The ones who are looking to open a vertical for some extra income can join a social learning network or online teaching platform wherein creating and selling courses is easy and free. Improves teaching experience We are entering an era where digital teaching and learning are slowly becoming the mainstream of the educational process. Hence teaching online adds an extra skill to an educator’s curriculum vitae which will hold a lot of importance in the coming years. Increased student learning The educators who are always worried about the performance of their students and are actively searching for ways to initiate effective learning would love to try their hands on social learning network. Virtual teaching platforms are highly interactive and are proven to give better results as compared to the conventional teaching method.
Top Python web development companies in India
As a developer, we don’t have much choice to choose between languages. At times it can be the client’s demand to use a particular language other times it may be the right language for the requirement. But if given a choice which language would you choose? The answer can be different for all of us depending on what factors we consider or our comfort level with that language. In this article, I will try to discuss both these languages and different web developments possible in both. Python I reiterate my previous question which language you would choose, and I believe most of my coder friends will go with Python. But have you ever wondered what makes this language developed in 1989 by Guido Van Rossum so famous? Well one reason why it rose to popularity was due to DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle, this enhances the readability of the code. Another common rationale is the simplicity of the language. The language is not only similar to English which makes it easy to learn but is also dynamically typed. There should be an ability for you to voice opinion almost everywhere. Python does that, it allows you to tweak and improve the community continuously. What are python web development companies in India more common? As already mentioned python is quite a versatile language with an open-source code. It interprets line by line and is hence user friendly. But one of the major reasons why it is used by development companies is because of its portability. Even if it is developed for Linux or windows it will work on IOS. Which means that it can cater to a larger audience for your client. Another reason is the availability of several frameworks such as Flask, Django, Pyramid and even the more advanced ones like Plone and Django CMS. Now another crucial factor is the availability of standard libraries and modules that simplify content management, database and interfacing with internet protocols. Moreover python web development companies in India also boast of more security, scalability and flexibility. Django web development - the future ahead? This language is a web framework coded in python. It is open-sourced and the development has taken place to create websites and applications faster. It is one of the safest codes and can secure sensitive passwords and accounts easily. The language code has the advantage of being compatible with Google engine and is Unicode based. It is used by developers for tasks such as URL routing and user authentication. Django web development has ORM(Object Relational Mapping) which assists in managing database migration. This also leads to a speedy process. Conclusion Python web development companies in India choose this dynamic and constantly growing language due to the various attributes it benefits. Django is a developed form of python. Which is one of the most usable one owing to many extensions, plugins, updates, ORM, in-built forms. Although there are several languages, these two stand out for me!
IOT 융합 인증체계
디지털 사회는 IOT융합 인증보안체계를 절박하게 요구한다. http://blog.naver.com/gcodpasscon/221159044413 1. 서론 인증에 대한 수요는 보안 목표를 달성하고 KYC(know Your Customer)를 통하여 고객 만족과 편의를 제공하며. 서비스나 상품의 경쟁력을 강화하기 위하여 필수적인 비즈니스 요구로 부터 시작된다. 이러한 인증보안 수요는 모든 산업에 걸쳐 고객 주기 전반에 걸쳐서 빈틈 없이 내재되고, 연결되고 관련되어야 한다. 특히 4차산업혁명(Digital Transformation)이라고 부르는 최근의 동향에서 알 수 있듯이 향후 10년 이상 지속적인 변화의 압박이 모든 인간의 생활 속으로 파고들 것이다. 이러한 압박은 이전에 경험하거나 상상할 수 없었던 복잡성과 다양성을 쏟아내게 될 것이다. 여기서 주목되어야 할 것은 긍정과 부정의 효과는 항상 동시 다발적으로 발생한다는 점이다. 초연결을 지향하는 4차디지털변환기에 있어서 가장 핵심적인 부정적 효과 란 바로 프라이버시와 보안이라고 말할 수 있겠다. 왜냐하면 연결은 좋은 객체와의 연결을 통한 새로운 가치의 신속한 창출과 향유를 제공하지만 동시에 악의적인 목적에 이용될 가능성에 그만큼 더 많은 문을 열어주는 것과 같기 때문이다. 2. 눈 앞의 디지털 세상 초 연결 사회는 IT기반의 디지털 사회나 마찬가지다. 아날로그의 가치와 향수는 개인의 취미나 취향으로는 남겨지게 될 것이다. 대부분의 인간 활동과 기업의 활동이 디지털화되어 기획, 구축, 운영, 관리되는 세상이 올 것이다. 적어도 20년 이내에는 화폐조차 완전히 사라질 가능성이 높다. 그것이 구지 지금의 비트코인과 같은 암호화폐일 필요는 없다. 미래의 화폐가 무엇이 되었던 그것은 중요하지 않다. 다만 디지털화될 것이란 것에는 아무도 이견이 없을 것이다. 최근의 핀테크 이슈도 그러한 맥락에서 생겨난 하나의 현상이다. 아날로그의 마지막 추억은 화폐가 될 것이며 그 마저 디지털화되어 사라진다면 세상은 디지털이 아닌 것이 없게 된다는 것과 진배없다. 3. 조화 하루가 다르게 기술은 진화 발전한다. 때로는 어느 단계를 뛰어넘는 듯 한 현상도 종종 목격된다. 불가능을 가능하게 하며 상상을 현실로 만들어 버리는 폭발적인 실험들이 연일 지속되고 있다. 어떤 합리적인 투자가의 입장에서 보면 이러한 노력들이 밑 빠진 독에 물 붓기로 보이기도 한다. 그러나 분명한 것은 변화와 발전은 지속되고 있다는 것이다. 진화와 발전은 긍정과 보편적 가치를 지향한다고 믿어진다. 하지만 그 과정이 항상 명확하고 좋은 방향으로만 흘러가기는 어렵다. 기술과 기술 간의 간극이 벌어지기도 하고 연결과 호환의 불 안정성으로 예기치 못한 재앙적 결과를 가져오기도 한다. 특히나 특정 기술의 개발과 응용이 집단화된 이기주의에 의하여 주도되거나 퇴출되어 인류의 이익에 반함에도 불구하고 수용을 강요당하기도 한다. 그러므로 조화가 필요하다. 조화는 보편적 가치를 추구하는 사람들의 노력이 뒤 받침 되어 지속적인 시도와 퇴출의 반복을 통하여 이루어 질 것이다. 4. 인증보안 체계의 중요성 인터넷에 연결된 60억 사용자와 모발일로 연결된 30억 사용자가 매일 24시간 온라인 상태로 무엇인가를 하고 있다. 인터넷은 그 시작이 개방형 오픈 네트워크이다. 즉 누구나 접속할 수 있는 사이버 세상이라고 여겨져 왔다. 여기까지는 문제될 것이 없었다. 그러나 인터넷은 접속과 정보 전송을 한참 뛰어 넘어 이제는 무엇이나 할 수 있는 사어버 공간이 되었고 나아가 현실과 인터넷을 구지 구분할 필요를 느끼지 못할 수준에 도달했다. 급기야 인터넷의 핵심 가치라고 할 수 있는 “누구나 어디서나 접속"때문에 눈부신 발전을 이루었지만 이제는 동일한 이유로 전례 없는 문제와 위협에 노출되었다. 이제 다시 인증보안에 대한 이야기로 돌아가 보자. 필요에 따라 누구인지, 무엇인지, 무엇을 할 것인지, 허용을 할 것인지 아니면 차단 할 것인지, 허용한다면 그 권한의 수준은 어디까지 할 것인지, 불순한 의도를 사전에 파악할 방법은 없는지 등등을 결정하고 적용함에 있어서 신뢰할 수 있고 자동화가 가능한 뛰어난 결정 알고리즘이 필요하게 되었다. 이 알고리즘이 바로 인증보안체계이다. 한마디로 신뢰로운 인증보안 체계 없이는 오늘날 세상은 하루도 운영이 불가능하다는 것이다. 5. 인증체계의 구조 고객 감동을 추구하는 수 많은 가치 개발 노력들은 수많은 디바이스를 탄생시켰다. 특히 IOT 디바이스는 수십억 개가 연결되는 세상으로 치닫고 있다. 네트워크의 특성상 이들이 직접적으로 연결될 필요는 없다. 다시 말해 연결되지 않았지만 언제라도 연결될 수 있는 구조를 가지고 있다는 뜻이다. 디바이스를 네트워크를 통해 사용자가 제어하고 통제하고 이용할 수 있어야 하고 디바이스는 정당한 사용자나 신뢰할 수 있는 다른 디바이스만 연결을 허용할 수 있어야 한다. 뿐만 아니라 급속히 늘어나는 디바이스와 서비스 서버들이 사용자를 정확히 식별하고 인증된 사용자에게만 로그인, 거래 및 전자서명을 허용하는 인증체계가 필요하다. 구지 언급하자면 현재 이 과정을 비밀번호라는 인증수단이 가장 광범위하게 담당하고 있다. 이는 매우 심각하고 안일한 대응이 아닐 수 없다. 보다 안전하고 긴편한 디바이스와 사용자에 대한 동시 인증체계가 긴급하게 필요하다. 6. 위험 헷지 “혹자는 아직까지 잘 돌아 가고 있지 않나” 라고 말할 수도 있겠다. 그러나 정말 잘 돌아가는 것인가? 인증보안 문제가 어떻게 관리되고 있는지 소비자 생활과 산업을 연관 지어 살펴보면 이 문제는 명확하다. 전혀 잘 가동되고 있지 않으며, 불공평하며 심지어 집단 내지는 자본 이기주의가 숨어 있지 않나 의심이 들 정도이다. 인증체계의 구축과 운영 환경은 기술선도국이나 추종국이나 별반 차이가 없다. 현재까지도 온라인 인증은 비밀번호가 99% 이상을 차지하고 있다. 사이버 범죄로 인한 천문학적인 피해가 바로 이 비밀번호의 허술한 보안체계 때문임은 말할 필요도 없을 것이다. FIDO생체인증 표준이 비밀번호를 없애 줄 것이라 생각하는 것은 큰 오해이자 착각이다. 생체정보를 등록하기 위하여 먼저 비밀번호로 로그인하는 과정을 거치기 때문이다. 그러므로 비밀번호에 의존하는 이상 인증보안체계는 그 수준이 대동소이 하다고 보아도 무리가 없을 것이다. 그렇다면 비 대면 온라인 환경에서 핀테크나 금융산업이 활발하게 발달한 국가와 그렇지 않은 국가의 차이는 무엇 때문일까? 많은 여러가지 이유가 있겠지만 그 격차는 보험 산업의 수준과 관계가 깊다고 하겠다. 사이버 보험이 발달하고 거대 시장이 존재하는 국가에서는 보안침해로 인한 손실을 대부분 보험으로 헷지 할 수 있다. 보험료가 비용인 것은 분명한 사실이고 축소시키고자 하는 위험관리 부서의 미션도 있지만, 그럼에도 불구하고 보험은 가장 효과적인 위험관리 솔루션임에 틀림없다. 안타깝게도 선진국을 제외하고는 이러한 사이버 보험이 발달하지 못했다. 거대자본과 대규모의 기술자를 보유한 기업들조차 기술적으로 인증보안 체계를 개선하지 못하고 보험에 의존하는 것은 그 만큼 풀기 어려운 숙제이기 때문일까? 아니면 전락적 포석일까? 7. 결론 우리는 디지털변환기 또는 4차산업혁명이라는 단어를 인용하지 않더라도 인증보안체계의 중요성을 잘 알고 있다. 대한민국의 경우 최근 수년 사이에 사이버 위협으로 인하여 디지털 금융이 오히려 퇴보하였다. 일각에서는 비밀번호로 다 되는 해외 사례를 궁극의 정답인양 피상적인 정보로 혼란만 가중하였고 공인인증서 기반의 인증체계는 기술적/가치적으로 발전을 이루지 못하였다. 그 결과 지연이체, 이체한도 축소, 출금지연, 간편결제의 난립 등으로 불편함이 오히려 가중되었다. 요란한 생체인증이나 블록체인이 우리의 실생활에 추가적인 편의성과 안전성을 제공하였는지 다시 생각해볼 일이다. 기존의 디지털 금융 서비스가 퇴보하였다고 느낀다면 무엇이 부족한지 무엇을 해야 하는 지에 대하여 추가적인 부연 설명은 더 이상 필요가 없다고 할 수 있겠다. 이제 중요한 것은 지금부터이다. IOT시대는 거스를 수 없는 대세이고 기존의 디지털 가치 서비스는 IOT와 결합되어 더욱 분화되고 결합될 것이기 때문이다. 그러므로 어플리케이션과 IOT의 융합 인증보안체계는 이 시대의 가장 핵심적인 선결과제임에 틀림없다. http://blog.naver.com/gcodpasscon/221159044413
Bright Future of Flutter in Mobile Applications Development
Flutter is a user interface (UI) software product developed by Google for creating beautiful, built-in applications compatible with iOS and Android. It is a new open-source SDK (Software development kit) designed based on one codebase. Flutter development services aim to change the experience of mobile phone users by delivering quality and highly optimized applications. With advances in technology, Flutter is the future of mobile development that offers developers a fast and interactive way of building applications. The expectations of mobile users keep growing in terms of stunning designs, creative animations and high performance apps. Thus, app developers need to stay abreast by implementing innovative features with high-quality consumer standards. Below are key elements that separate Flutter from other popular mobile technologies. Key Features · Flutter is a free, open-source mobile application development framework. · It is built on Dart programming language, which is object-oriented. · It is a new mobile technology that is affordable with an easy-to-use interface. · It has an automatic feature called Hot Reload that enables developers to create top-notch apps in record time. Advantages of Flutter App Development Mobile application development requires time, effort and resources to come up with beautiful designs that are appealing to the end-user. Flutter is rapidly becoming popular among app developers despite it being a new tech product in the industry. It not only lowers costs but also speeds up the process of developing apps with stunning end-results. The following are advantages of Flutter app development: · Faster Coding With the automatic Hot Reload feature in place, developers enjoy more straightforward coding since they can view their work on a real-time basis with each progress. It prevents frequent reloading, thus, speeding up the coding phase. It enhances efficiency and productivity for the entire business team. · Cross-platform compatibility in the design It is developed with the application design and critical functions in mind as an end-result. Therefore, the technology comprises of numerous appealing widgets that are customizable depending on the preference of the developer. · Single-code base Flutter is written in one programming language known as Dart. The single code enables developers to create one application that is compatible with different platforms such as Android and iOS without causing any technical issues. · Enhances teamwork The new mobile technology improves relationships between business owners and customers by delivering quality apps within a shorter period. Also, developers, managers, and designers work well with the UI software since it aims to create appealing designs for the user. · Google support Google owns Flutter; hence, it is a reliable piece of software that is still a work in progress. In case of any complications, you can contact Google support for a responsive solution. · Native application It is built specifically for Android and iOS mobile devices. Thus, its ability to function optimally and non-problematically is quite high. The software is fully optimized to support the mobile interface with high performance and appealing visuals, guaranteeing satisfactory user experience. Disadvantages · Suitable for mobile apps It is designed to cater only for the iOS and Android future apps. Web application development is not yet available since the technology is still making leaps. · Large file sizes It consumes a lot of storage space, which end users do not have due to the nature of the mobile phones. They may opt to use apps with smaller file sizes. Developers usually avoid complex images and animation to compress the app’s size. Flutter thrives on large libraries and massive files. · Insufficient third-party libraries Since it is a new technology, free packages from other sources are inaccessible. The resource library and tool list are gradually on the rise. Other top-rated technologies have readily available software libraries online. Conclusion Developers are in constant search of mobile application frameworks that are easy to learn with exceptional performance and readily accessible tools, not forgetting custom widgets and available updates. Flutter is definitely the future of mobile app development with all the features that support the process of creating beautiful apps within a short time. Google developed this SDK to aid developers in increasing quality with cross-platform UI software. So, businesses and app developers should consider incorporating Flutter development in their mobile applications since it improves productivity and does not compromise on quality.
Top 5 Reasons For Growing Demand Of Zend Framework Development Company During This Pandemic Outbreak
As we all are managing the work during this COVID-19 outbreak, the demand for a customized PHP Development Company has risen considerably. While all businesses are going digital nowadays, the demand of this preferred language of website development is definitely mounting. The recognition of this universal, sever-based scripting language has resulted in the development various PHP frameworks, among which PHP Zend framework stands on the top. Folks, choosing the right framework for your business requirement have always been a daunting task. If you go for Zend framework Development, you are sure to get customized, fast, and most updated website development services. Let us have a look at the top 5 reasons for choosing a Zend framework Development Company for a business. i. Great error tolerance and flexible framework What stands best about Zend PHP framework is that it gives loads of programming flexibility to a PHP Zend framework developer, wherein he/she has the liberty to try new features and codes without any stress about occurrence of significant errors. Zend development allows the developers to test diverse codes for developing customize Zend applications that perfectly suit every client’s business requirements. In fact, there is an easy way out to rectify the errors too! Isn’t it too brilliant to go for? ii. Add-ons to enhance the range Another attractive feature of PHP Zend framework is that it can offer out of the box features to support customized Zend development requirements, with a few add-ons. With a wide range of extensions and library scripts for trouble-free Zend development, the framework is good to go! With PHP Zend framework, it is smooth for a PHP Development Company to plan, implant and execute extensions for tailored enterprise applications development. iii. Striking MVC Features How can we miss to mention outstanding MVC features that come up with Zend! These features put it into a far better and applicable framework for customized web development. With MVC architecture, Zend permits neat and clean coding and code wrapping with excellent application package, ultimately allowing far superior web alignment and improved web application performance. What is more? It is quite easy to reuse the code with an independent testing in MVC architecture. Thus, you can be sure that while employing MVC framework as a developer, you get simple and rapid web development, which is the need of the hour. iv. Great Backup Support from Zend Community With Zend, it does not matter if the web application is small, complex, or large, you can handle it well due to huge backup support by Zend developers’ community. You can stay updated with the latest technology and reformed solutions for all types of errors from this online active Zend community. v. Cost Savvy Hiring a PHP Development Company for your website needs is definitely a win-win situation for your business. Zend framework is based on the PHP open source technology, which comes free for all users. This makes it a well-in-budget affair for the companies. With so many reasons to prefer Zend framework in PHP, why not choose this application development platform and avail the benefits? Companies like Taction Software are very much suitable for any size of business and is well in budget too. So, contact such PHP Development Company and shine on!