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Sometimes its best having to find that balance because towards the end our feelings is the one that gets hurt, if we care too much and not theirs...
I totally agree with @cheerfulcallie that's something that I learned quickly in college with friends--the good ones aren't the ones you've known the longest. It's the ones that give back to you everything that you give to them and genuinely care
@strawberrychip we have to learn to let go of some certain individuals who only strain the relationship, good relationships are ones that enrich our lives not create heartaches and stressful situations...
it's so true :( ND it really hurts u so bad sometimes I feel so pain ND think back y I am the one who cares as no one else is bothered for me tis tis
@cityofkyle exactly i couldnt have said it any better...
@strawberrychip Hmm... I know it's hard but you just have to cut those people out of your life. You don't need people who don't care about you in your life. Best thing to do is channel the energy you give to those people to yourself!!
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