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Price: KRW 8000 (approx USD 8) Net Content: 100 g Another brilliant product from Skinfood. I only have a small sachet for tester, but I tried it once and I got a visible result! It really remove the pore clogging oil. So I finally bought the whole product. The packaging has some english explanation, so it's easy for non korean speakers to read and understand. The smell...well..it's an egg white smell (definitely wont smell good)... The method to use this product is the same with other kind of wash-off mask. After cleansing, just apply it all over your face except eye and mouth area). I apply it with a mask brush, but sometimes people use their fingers too if they don't have one. After 10 minutes, you can feel that your face will harden. 15-20 minutes after applying, you can wash your face with water. I am not trying to promote this product, but this is really really effective for me. I try to use it 2 times a week, but sometimes if I'm too busy, I just use it once a week. After using it for around 2 weeks, my visible pores are reduced, and the skincare & make up products I apply on my skin is more well-absorbed :)
ohh is this in america or only in korea?
ive heard good things about this product too