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Onset bathing at Than Tai Mountain

However, for the best convenience, you should go from April to September, this is the most beautiful time in Danang, the climate is less rainy, sunny, both convenient for travel and an opportunity to you release the heat of summer. Da Nang, Nui Than Tai tourist area is known to be home to the largest bronze statue of Than Tai in Vietnam with many existing spiritual meanings. Anyone who wants to worship God of Fortune must sincerely pray, then the statue of Than Tai has a spiritual spirit, otherwise it is just like a normal statue θ note: visitors can also use it by themselves. mud bath, coffee bath, tea bath, onsen bath, for body comfort. Mineral bath ticket price from 100. More special, the turtle eggs scattered in the stream bed is a creative point of the dragon-headed turtle image only available in the mountain of god That's why you you can both immerse yourself in the hot mineral stream, listen to the chirping of wild birds and watch the green scenery of the surrounding old forest. Soaking in green tea is a quick and relaxing way to refresh your spirit and dispel fatigue. There are many mineral baths for visitors to experience the various levels of water from cold, warm to hot here: you are free to bathe in the collective spa area, join the water games such as lazy river - dragon fairy cave, swimming pool and outdoor play area, ... or those who do not want to bathe much, lie down and relax on a chair at ficus lake. Nui Than Tai Red Dragon Restaurant You can go freely on the Than Tai Mountain Tour can not. The hot water from the natural underground circuit is very healthy, especially for people with joint pain This completely natural stream is kept intact with its inherent untouched beauty, dotted A few more bridges across will captivate visitors. This feature makes the dragon-headed turtle mascot gather more aura of this land, increasing the significance of the sand. will take electronic measurements through the gate 100% accurately Hoi An Tour to Mount Than Tai at Da Da Nang Booking or Tour Da Nang