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Price: KRW 42000 (approx USD 42) Net content: 100ml Yup, they are not joking. They are comparing this product with a famous well known branded product, Estee Lauder, which product is sold in Korea for approximately USD 155!!!! Missha have this slogan, "if we can get the same result, why would you pay more?" So I am basically comparing both product here. You can see in the picture that the color are almost the same. Missha's color is a little bit lighter. There are no specific smell for both products so I think both of them are the same. When I apply it to the skin, I get the feeling that the Missha one takes more time to be absorbed by the skin, but afterwards, the result is still the same. When I touch the liquid, I feel that the Missha one is more oily, but again, I don't see any difference on the skin. I haven't used this product for a long time, so I don't exactly know the long term effect for this product, but again, maybe Missha is right, "if we can get the same result, why would we pay more?" hehehehehehe :)
@voila,I'm from East Malaysia. Will try find it.
It makes smooth skin! Love it!
@sarahphang5 i know that missha have counters in china...but no idea whether they have in other countries..where do you come from?
Im wondering if its available here,would like to try it.
i just tried this product out and I LOVE IT!!! it feels amazingly similar to the Estee Lauder product
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