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Why is UX design essential for your eCommerce website?

“People Ignore Design That Ignores People”

The recent pandemic has forced businesses to embrace technology and bring their business online. Simultaneously it has changed the way customers purchase the products they need.

Thankfully, setting up an eCommerce website has never been easier. But that’s only the first step of bringing your business online. Almost 70% of online shoppers abandon the checkout process without making a purchase!

How do you prevent this from becoming a reality for your eCommerce website?

Hire a Web Design Agency with UX experts!

UX Design is the process of creating products that keep the user’s experience in mind. This is to provide a more meaningful and enjoyable experience for them. It requires a deep understanding of the users’ needs, what they value, their abilities, and their limitations.

Ultimately, UX design helps improve the quality of the user’s interaction with your website. To illustrate how pivotal UX design is to your web design and development, let’s explore a common problem business owners face.

Situation: Mr B. has an existing eCommerce website. The purpose of the website is to promote and generate online sales. Despite having launched over a year ago, Mr B still finds that he has a low conversion rate.

Digital Web Agency without UX Experts

Mr B. consults the web agency that helped him create his website. After running Google Analytics to find out possible reasons for the low conversion rate, the Digital Specialist makes the following observation.

He observes that while the website experiences heavy traffic, users seem to be dropping off during the checkout process. However, the Digital Specialist cannot accurately identify why this problem occurs hence they cannot propose a targeted solution to address it.

Digital Web Agency with UX Experts

UX experts will bring additional insights from the actual users of the website to come up with more accurate solutions.

These additional insights could be:
-> When, Where, How & Why users use the website
-> What are their likes/needs/wants and their pain points?
-> How does their user journey look like?

This approach enables UX experts to understand why users are dropping off during the check out process.

Is the check out process overcomplicated?
Are there unnecessary steps involved?
Are the users being guided through each step?
Can they get help if it is needed?

This allows a more targeted approach to solving Mr B’s original problem by making the necessary design changes to the checkout process to make it more user friendly.

Here are 3 Key Reasons Why UX Design is Essential for your eCommerce Website

1. Helps Identify and address potential weaknesses early
2. Positive Customer Experience is the key to increasing your eCommerce conversion rate
3.Effective and proven strategies to generate more sales

Also published here; originally written by Verz Design and has been reposted with permission.
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UI-UX design solution
Ui and UX are the most talked topic when you are going to develop a professional-looking website. These two processes will help you to grab the best view regarding your website and purpose. Before building up your website you need to design the Ui and UX of your business site which will be the prime factor of your website. This will allow you to have an impression of what will be the looking of your website. Therefore, it creates a chance to make the required modification before making any final step to develop your website. Before going to further discussion, we want to mention the definition of those two types of UI/UX design. What is UI design? UI design is one of the vital parts of creative graphic design. This helps to define the User interface design of your website. This process finalizes the outlook of your website and you need to take it to make your website user friendly. If you think you want the best professional User interface design you need to hire the best professional and creative graphic design company. Because a professional graphic design company has an expert along with the research team. Therefore, it will be best if you take the Ui design from an expert agency. What is UX design? UX simply refers to the user experience. I know it is a bit confusing fact but you will be cleared here. Basically, user experience refers to the users of your website. Suppose, people come to browse your website and this will define their experience. It is the way to bring out the most comfortable and user-friendly design for your website. User experience will help you to survey the likes and dislikes of the users when they surf a website. This is the prerequisite for design a perfect and meaningful UI design for your site. Actually, a team of expert make the research about the user experience of the types of website and then they make a list of it. According to the user experience, the UI designer makes the designs. In one word, the user interface is the reflation of the user experience. You can check out a website named Graphic Design Eye and their UI/UX design which will help you to grab clear info about them. The best solution for UI/UX design If you think you want to develop a website for your business purpose you need to take the help of UI/UX design first. This is the backbone of your website. It is not the way that you are going to design and develop your website at random. You need to express your purpose through the website and this is the way to them done with your website. You can hire two types of people for your website UI/UX design and they are Ø Freelancers Ø UI/UX designing company If you hire the freelancers this may help you to reduce the cost of UI/UX design but you may become frustrated by the finished design. On the other hand, an expert graphic design services company that has an expert team to make out the UI/UX design will be the best option for you. There you will get a bunch of experts and they will make the proper research on your UI/UX design. We hope you have got your decision which will help you to get the best possible output for your business website.
Is Interior Designing a Good Career Option After 12th?
The past few years witnessed notable changes in the domain of lifestyle, migration and employment, leading to comfort becoming a significant part of every decision made by Indian consumers. The art of interior design can be classified as the specialized science of making aesthetic changes to living space, office or building to enhance the overall appeal. The field of interior design incorporates handling and designing, drafting and management of several projects within a range of interior spaces. As lifestyle is becoming more personal than ever to many, individuals are modernizing their lifestyle. Further, they are developing an inclination towards tastefully designed spaces be it domestic or industrial while encapsulating high-end interiors and top-notch amenities. The field of interior design is booming in the country with several opportunities for young aspiring designers. Hence, it can be a good career option for aspiring young minds after 12th. Before taking the plunge and deciding to be an interior designer, here are some less known things one should know if the aim is to make the interior design as a profession: First and foremost, the colour palette is essential when it comes to this field. In interior design courses, one will be taught the basics of colour dynamics and how it can affect the ambience around. The behaviour of different fabrics can completely change the whole ambience. As one might have noticed, people consciously or unconsciously see small things like drapes and upholstery. In the end, it is the designer who adds panache to the decor. For any person, the utility of space is one of the significant concerns. Hence, interior designers need to ensure optimal utilization of space and how the surrounding might look like. Interior Designing Courses After 12th To set a strong foot in any industry, formal education in that particular field also brings several advantages along the journey. Interior design is no different, with several courses, one can attain core knowledge of the details necessary for the practical work on the site. Interior designing courses help to mentor students by top industry experts and trainers with work experience. However, the standard and quality of education differ from institute to institute. Hence, it is essential to choose the right design institute to attain real knowledge and become a successful interior designer after 12th. One of the leading design institutes, IIAD provides a specialized curriculum that includes a multidisciplinary approach and focuses on examining existing structures to transform its interior thorough, relevant design interventions to help the space breathe a new life. Unlike other interior design courses, the programme at IIAD focuses on spatial design, detailing, adaptive reuse and retrofitting as well as architectural addition and refurbishment. In the present case scenario, people want their homes to be decorated to make it look bigger and spacious. Further, small enterprises and big brands wish for their shops, showrooms, and restaurants to look attractive. This has led to an ever-increasing demand for interior designers making the career option a good choice for young students after 12th. The key to success in this industry is to get noticed, properly marketed and formal training to have an in-depth understanding of concepts. The more one knows, the better it is and interior design courses are there for the same reason. Sufficient education within the specific field of design lends the upper hand in the job market.