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Why is UX design essential for your eCommerce website?

“People Ignore Design That Ignores People”

The recent pandemic has forced businesses to embrace technology and bring their business online. Simultaneously it has changed the way customers purchase the products they need.

Thankfully, setting up an eCommerce website has never been easier. But that’s only the first step of bringing your business online. Almost 70% of online shoppers abandon the checkout process without making a purchase!

How do you prevent this from becoming a reality for your eCommerce website?

Hire a Web Design Agency with UX experts!

UX Design is the process of creating products that keep the user’s experience in mind. This is to provide a more meaningful and enjoyable experience for them. It requires a deep understanding of the users’ needs, what they value, their abilities, and their limitations.

Ultimately, UX design helps improve the quality of the user’s interaction with your website. To illustrate how pivotal UX design is to your web design and development, let’s explore a common problem business owners face.

Situation: Mr B. has an existing eCommerce website. The purpose of the website is to promote and generate online sales. Despite having launched over a year ago, Mr B still finds that he has a low conversion rate.

Digital Web Agency without UX Experts

Mr B. consults the web agency that helped him create his website. After running Google Analytics to find out possible reasons for the low conversion rate, the Digital Specialist makes the following observation.

He observes that while the website experiences heavy traffic, users seem to be dropping off during the checkout process. However, the Digital Specialist cannot accurately identify why this problem occurs hence they cannot propose a targeted solution to address it.

Digital Web Agency with UX Experts

UX experts will bring additional insights from the actual users of the website to come up with more accurate solutions.

These additional insights could be:
-> When, Where, How & Why users use the website
-> What are their likes/needs/wants and their pain points?
-> How does their user journey look like?

This approach enables UX experts to understand why users are dropping off during the check out process.

Is the check out process overcomplicated?
Are there unnecessary steps involved?
Are the users being guided through each step?
Can they get help if it is needed?

This allows a more targeted approach to solving Mr B’s original problem by making the necessary design changes to the checkout process to make it more user friendly.

Here are 3 Key Reasons Why UX Design is Essential for your eCommerce Website

1. Helps Identify and address potential weaknesses early
2. Positive Customer Experience is the key to increasing your eCommerce conversion rate
3.Effective and proven strategies to generate more sales

Also published here; originally written by Verz Design and has been reposted with permission.
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UI-UX design solution
Ui and UX are the most talked topic when you are going to develop a professional-looking website. These two processes will help you to grab the best view regarding your website and purpose. Before building up your website you need to design the Ui and UX of your business site which will be the prime factor of your website. This will allow you to have an impression of what will be the looking of your website. Therefore, it creates a chance to make the required modification before making any final step to develop your website. Before going to further discussion, we want to mention the definition of those two types of UI/UX design. What is UI design? UI design is one of the vital parts of creative graphic design. This helps to define the User interface design of your website. This process finalizes the outlook of your website and you need to take it to make your website user friendly. If you think you want the best professional User interface design you need to hire the best professional and creative graphic design company. Because a professional graphic design company has an expert along with the research team. Therefore, it will be best if you take the Ui design from an expert agency. What is UX design? UX simply refers to the user experience. I know it is a bit confusing fact but you will be cleared here. Basically, user experience refers to the users of your website. Suppose, people come to browse your website and this will define their experience. It is the way to bring out the most comfortable and user-friendly design for your website. User experience will help you to survey the likes and dislikes of the users when they surf a website. This is the prerequisite for design a perfect and meaningful UI design for your site. Actually, a team of expert make the research about the user experience of the types of website and then they make a list of it. According to the user experience, the UI designer makes the designs. In one word, the user interface is the reflation of the user experience. You can check out a website named Graphic Design Eye and their UI/UX design which will help you to grab clear info about them. The best solution for UI/UX design If you think you want to develop a website for your business purpose you need to take the help of UI/UX design first. This is the backbone of your website. It is not the way that you are going to design and develop your website at random. You need to express your purpose through the website and this is the way to them done with your website. You can hire two types of people for your website UI/UX design and they are Ø Freelancers Ø UI/UX designing company If you hire the freelancers this may help you to reduce the cost of UI/UX design but you may become frustrated by the finished design. On the other hand, an expert graphic design services company that has an expert team to make out the UI/UX design will be the best option for you. There you will get a bunch of experts and they will make the proper research on your UI/UX design. We hope you have got your decision which will help you to get the best possible output for your business website.
Antique and Vintage Fireplaces Accessories
A hearth, or fireplace, is a fire-containment structure made of bricks, stone, or metal. In a household, the fireplace can be used for a variety of functions. Fireplaces are used to heat a room as well as to create a relaxing environment. Modern fireplaces' heat efficiency varies depending on the design. Historically, they were once used to heat a house, cook, and heat water for laundry and other household needs. A fire is contained in a firebox or fire pit, and the exhaust gas is evacuated by a chimney or other flue. A fireplace may include a chimney crane (used in kitchen and laundry fireplaces), a grate, a lintel, a lintel bar, an over mantel, a damper, a smoke chamber, a throat, a flue, and a chimney filter or afterburner. On the exterior, a corbelled brick crown with projecting brick courses acting as a drip course to keep rain from running down the outside walls is prevalent. Rainwater in the chimney is a far bigger issue in chimneys lined with impervious flue tiles or metal liners than it is in traditional masonry chimneys, which soak up all but the heaviest rain. Some chimneys have a spark arrestor integrated into the crown or cap. Metal, glass, and electric fireplaces, which were recently introduced, are among the several types of fireplaces accessible. To make fire, people utilise wood, charcoal, coal, and a variety of other things. A fireplace is always the focal point of any property. However, embellishing this eye-catching object can be challenging. Choose a large item that will bring attention to the fireplace, such as a painting or a sculpted picture, as one idea for how to design these fireplaces. Whatever it is, it has the ability to become the centre of attention. To give visual depth, place two things on either side of the wall. Even if the objects do not have to be matched, they must look to be identical. Keep in mind that the artefacts do not capture attention in the same way that the fireplace does. Place a sleek mirror against the wall for a more comfortable vibe. A large mirror organises the room and creates a unique focal point. A fireplace can be decorated in a variety of ways. Bidsquare has antique and vintage fireplaces and accessories for sale. Antique Fireplaces accessories and Vintage Fireplaces accessories are available at auction on a variety of venues. Bidsquare, on the other hand, auctions off some of the more traditional fireplaces and accessories. Here are a few examples of fireplaces and accessories.
내 소듕한 손목을 보호해줄 너란 쿠션...❤ 대박 쉬운 손목쿠션 만들기!
안녕하세요요요? 여러분의 만들기를 도와드리는 소잉센스입니다요요요! 인사가 좀 촐싹댔죠? 어느덧 일주일의 반이 지나가고 있어 그만... 저도 모르게 흥이 나버렸네요^^ 쉐킷쉐킷 내적 댄스 중... 여러분도 이번주 잘 살아내고 계신가요?? 저는 요즘 일이 너무 많아 몸이 성치 않은 것 같아요ㅠ 어깨도 아프고 눈도 충혈되고... 계속된 컴퓨터 작업에 손목도 무리가 가더라구요. 역시 퇴사가 답인가.... 저처럼 컴퓨터 작업을 많이 하시는 분들은 손목이 아플 때가 있으실거에요. (그죠? 그렇다고 해야 본론이 자연스럽습니다.) 저는 그래서 최근에 버티컬 마우스로 바꿨는데 처음엔 사용하기 되~게 어색했는데 계속 쓰다보니까 손목 통증이 줄어들었어요! (이거 레알임) 버티컬 마우스 짱조음! 참고로 저는 회사돈으로 샀어요 히히 버티컬 마우스와 함께 제 소듕한 손목을 책임지는 놈이 하나 더! 있습니다. 다들 눈치채셨죠?? (역시 센수쟁이들~) 넵, 맞습니다~ 손목쿠션입니다! 양말 모양으로 깜찍함이 +1 추가되었습니다. 뀨 원하는 천으로 다양하게 만들 수 있습니당 요롷게 패브릭 마우스패드와 세트로 만들면 Perfect! (마우스패드는 이전 카드에서 확인 Plz) 맨들기 전! 영상으로 한 번 보시고 오시죠! https://youtu.be/ovjRcptLATA 영상 보니까 어떠세요! 더 만들고 싶지 않나요?? (BGM도 신경써서 넣었으니까 볼륨업해서 보시길 적극 강요 드립니다. 아! 구독과 좋아요도 강요드릴게요! 헿) 준비물은요~ 1. 프린트천 1장, 무지천 1장 - 16 X 22cm 2. 무지천 1장 - 4 X 6cm(쿠션 고리용) 3. 방울솜 4. 양말 모양 본 - 9 X 19cm 본을 그리기 어려우신 분들은 블로그에 올려놨으니까 다운로드 받아서 사용하시면 됩니다! 5. 바느질 도구 : 바늘, 실, 시침핀, 가위, 수성펜 ​ 만드는 원리두 간단히 알아볼까요? 영상 한 번 보면 다 알긴하는데... 굳이 굳이 안보시는 분들을 위해 알려드립니다요오~!? 1. 천 2장을 겹쳐 양말 모양으로 천을 자르고, 창구멍을 제외하고 양말 모양을 따라 바느질을 해준다. 2. 창구멍을 통해 뒤집어 준다. 2. 안에 솜을 쳐 넣어준다. 어때여 너무 쉽죠. 말씀드렸다시피 저... 정말 똥손입니다... 근데 제가 느끼기에도 할만하면 전국민 다 할 수 있어여! 저희 엄마가 최대한 쉽게 만드는 방법을 고안했거든요!! (울엄마 짱) 그니까 여러분은 따라서 만들기만 하세요! 그럼 여러분의 만들기를 기대하며...