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Dongdaemun market has been famous for fashion retails for more than 100 years. It has been fashion leaders not only for retail shops but also for wholesale market. Doota & Milliore are the heart of Dongdaemun retail shops. Most of the clothes from t-shirts to dresses are not expensive (around $10-50 per piece). Doota & Milliore also provide fashion shows in Doota and Milliore building and you have a good chance to meet some famous K-stars. Check the layout of Doota building to have a better sense about what you can expect from Dongdaemun. Doota floor map 7F: Food 6F: Mon & kids 5F: Accessory and beauty 4F: Men's 3F: Luxury, bags & shoes 2F: Young careers 1F: Designer gallery B1F: Young character/designer B2F: Sports, outdoors
have you guys tried haggling?? I heard you are supposed to haggle in these areas but I am very intimidated when I go in!
this is my favorite place. Dongdaemun is a mom-n-pop version of fast fashion :P
Doota's accessory shops are fun !
yeahhh i know we are supposed to bargain but... i am scared
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