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Hi everyone!!! Here are the Bridal Mask Ep 12 previews!!! The link is from leegloria22 who does live recaps too... THANK YOU MY DEAR! her page is here if you guys love bridal mask as well ( Follow me for more drama goodies everyone! Leave a comment, gimme a like... let me know there's someone outt hereee ===================================== Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Ep 12 Written Preview Gaksital slips away through a maze of hallways and secret exits and escapes from the police station. Shunji starts to get suspicious though and wonders how is it that Gaksital knows the Jongno Police Department structure so well... Gaksital meets Dam Sa Ri, and realises that Dam Sa Ri has a big plan up his sleeves to use explosives during the celebration. Will Gaksital help Dam Sa Ri? Shunji learns that something fishy is going on between Gaksital and Dam Sa Ri, but the celebration still goes ahead regardless. He thus plans to lay a trap for the two men using Mok Dan.... hmmm.... who's going to be watching Bridal Mask tonight???
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oh no.... please dont hurt mok dan
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thanks Luka!!! ooh guys check out this link leegloria is doing live recaps tonight!!! yaaay!
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