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Stick baits are a type of top water baits, which means you're going to be pullin' them along the surface. Stick baits are gonna require some skill on your part to recreate the movements of a real fish; that's what they're made for. Zara Spook stick baits are really popular for catching bass when temperatures are above about 50 degrees so the fish will be out and biting up on the water's surface. You should probably use them in clear, open water so that ya can get an accurate cast over the area. This kind of lure is often used to use the "walkin the dog" technique, which means you gotta alternate the motion of the lure back and forth across the surface of the water. Once you feel a bass take the bait, give it a few long seconds before setting the hook; gotta make sure he thinks he got it first. Check out the video on image 3 to check out how one fisherman "walks the dog." This ones gets some nice fish! Have you all caught anything good on a spook? I know this is probably one of my most used lures.
@mcgraffy I'll have to practice a bit then lol
@mcgraffy Are the three prong hooks called 'bait' or is there another term for them?
@KawikaAfelin GIve it a try again next time you get a chance!
I miss bass fishing
@strawberrychip yeah there are; great. I hope you can find an enjoyable way to relax and get a ltitle fishing in
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