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ATTENTION SEE I WASNT WRONG Kim Hyun Joong will probably enter army next year when he turns 30 :) Successfully concluding drama ‘Inspiring Generation’ with an average viewership rating of 12.3%, Kim Hyun Joong has a newly established image as a professional actor, shedding away his flower boy image from ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and ‘Playful Kiss’. During a recent interview, Kim Hyun Joong expressed that he will enter the army next year and spend sometime just like everyone else. He also wishes that he will make good use of that time to think and reflect upon himself. i knew oppa will be doing it when he turns he said it soooo many times lol but we will miss yaaa like crazzyyy
in love with his smile :-*
@medusa @turtle03 i am just glad its not dis year like everybody was sayimg lol :-P prob in the middle of next year sadly :-( when he turns 30 after june thgh :-(
@turtle03 My pleasure. :) @hyunsaeng638 You're right. :(
@medusa Thanks honey. OMG! Is he entering army? No!!!
BTW, it's a sad news that he enters army next year. T.T
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