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KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) Interview – 2014.04.07 + TweetBits/Media Photos [Q: Do you like that JT didn't end up with Gaya or Ok Ryeon and live alone at the end?] HJ: I really like it. Because he didn’t end up with anyone it felt more bittersweet. Sirasoni (the character he’s based on) originally has a very strong image of being lonely and lived a lonely life. Seems like the the character was directed based on the original. [Q: Sirasoni is a lonely character but what about the person Kim Hyun Joong?] HJ: I’m never lonely (laugh). I always try to enjoy my life. I like to meet my friends, eat and drink, and meet people. I have a lonely profession but because there are friends I become reassured. When it feels difficult & lonely, people who look after me and help me are my friends [Q: Shin Jung Tae is loved by both Ok Ryeon & Gaya. If it's in real life who will you choose?] HJ: Ok Ryeon. Gaya is a good person but she’s strong (laugh). Seems like I’ll be in big trouble if we go out/date. When I was acting, I think a person like Ok Ryeon seems better. With Gaya, I have a love & hate relationship to each other. I don’t want a love & hate relationship because it feels scary.. [Q: What kind of actor do you want to be?] HJ: “Rather than being an actor who people will say ‘wow, he’s cool’, when they watch me I want to hear people say they feel strengthened watching my acting. I want be an actor who can make viewers feel encouraged & comforted.” HJ: The drama script usually came out on Friday every week and I usually read the script on bed. But since the drama has ended, I have nothing to do and I can’t sleep until 3 am. It feels strange. I was curious about the others so I send a text to Soo Hyang and she said, ‘I’m reading the script.’ So I thought, ‘ah, so the others are also feeling the same way.’ oppa shared a lot with his fans he is the besttt thnkuu oppa 2 do that 4 ur fans credit 2 kimhyunjoong henecias fb page thank 4 the translation
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he miss his role...