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Kim Hyun Joong To Hold World Tour In June With A New Album And ‘World Cup Song’! Kim Hyun Joong said, "I'll be starting my world tour on June 28th in Korea. Although the visiting countries have not yet all been confirmed, it looks like there will be quite a lot. Before my world tour I'll also be releasing a new album." This will be Kim Hyun Joong's first solo album since July last year. He also said, "I want to present music that's worthy of the World Cup," and threw hints about his new music. "For the upcoming World Cup, I need to celebrate with chicken & beer. And I want to prepare an exciting album that's worthy of the World Cup. Apart from chart ranks, I'm more concerned about creating music that will give you the feeling that Korea is going to win, with music that can gather many hearts in one place. I want to make music that the fans in the audience can enjoy rather than just broadcasts. But I'm not just aiming at the World Cup (laughter)." LOL oppa is funny korean football team fightinggg LETS DO IT LETS WIN THW WORLD CUP 4 OPPA it would be soooo much funn paki bands nd singers always do it lol its really common in my country encourage players buy making encouraging songs 4 them but our craze is cricket glad 2 c oppa is doing it 2 FIGHTINGG ND SARANGHHAE OPPA U R THE BEST <3
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, hope you have more success and happiness in years to come.
No matter what is his hair look like it does not matter to me he is my cutr and handsome oppa that im so crazy for him
Gogogo..miss your voice