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It starts wth the prisoner regaining consciousness and taking the bullet for Gaksital. Gaksital is able to barely escape by hitting Shunji in the back of the head. He returns to the prisoner and the prisoner says, there is someone you have to meet. He gives Gaksital a note on how/where to meet this "man" Shunji regains consciousness and chases after Gaksital but he rides off on his horse. Shunji is furious! Shunji returns to the dying prisoner and he asks for the doctor in the building. Shunji asks who Gaksital is, but the prisoner says stop reviving the dead and dies. Outside in the forest, Mokdan's dad's followers says its time to head back, but he refuses. He must accomplish what he came here for. In comes Gaksital! He meets Mokdan's father by showing him the note that the prisoner gave him. He realizes one of his best followers has died. Mokdan's father says he will do anything for Gaksital because they must succeed. He asks for Gaksitals help in getting independence back in the country. They shake hands. Shunji returns to the scene of the cell and sees Kangto on the floor "unconscious" Kangto is good at acting kekeke. Shunji says something doesnt add up and explains that somehow Gaksital knew about the prisoner and each circumstance... They are both back home in bed now... Shunji feels like hes going crazy. Because he killed someone today. He felt the heart of that who died. He thinks he is slowly becoming a monster. He thinks if he could only catch Gaksital, he could go back to things being normal. So he told his children nothing and left. He feels after how he treated mokdan, he doesnt know how he will become. So he asks Kangto what he should do. (Aww deep down inside Shunji is a kind person, but he has obligations ) Kangto turns away and starts crying because he is doing it to his best friend. The next day Kangto talks to his brother at the hideout, and says Shunji is just like Kangto. So he feels how his brother felt when Kangto was for the japanese army. Kangto says, brother, Shunji will turn around, wont he? I wont have to kill Shunji, right? Brother, I'm really scared. Last night, a man saved my life because I was Gaksital. Like you, will I be able to do this til the end? Mokdan asks her dad for her to go with him. She feels she will be able to help and aid Gaksital. Mokdan's father decides its okay. Outside the traitor Circus girl hears it and runs off! Mokdan goes back to her room and writes a letter to Gaksital saying thanks. and that she will be leaving the area. Back at the royal base, 1 main chief and the chief that is on Kangto's side talk about how things are not looking good because of Kimura. The circus girl comes into the police office to tell the chauffeur about mokdans plans. She is pulled into a room with Shunji and the Chauffeur, she says that mokdan is leaving the city. She also says that Mokdans dad is helping Gaksital! Kangto is wating outside the office and then starts to approach the circus girl.... He says will you tell me what you tld Shunji if I give you money too? She smiles. Shunji tells his dad everything that the circus girl tells him. His dad doesnt trust Kangto but Shunji insists. Kimura calls Hongju and tells her everything. Hongju says not to worry, she will take care of things.(She will meet with mokdan) Kangto and Mokdan go into a room to talk. He is very urgent about something. He tells Mokdan he knows what her plan is, to escape. He says, are you curious to know why? there is someone in your people that you know thats been ratting you out. (he's hoping she figures it out) Back at the base, Shunji gives orders to catch gaksital and Mokdan. Shunji wonders why Kangto isnt there. As he is going out of where Mokdan is, Hongju is walking in. Hongju talks to Mokdan. Mokdan notices something weird about Hongju, she didnt do the catholic prayer before drinking her tea. She realizes, and says false information about her not leaving. Hongju tells Kimura. Shunji gets false info that Gaksital will be at the hospital at 12, but its actually wrong. kekeke Gaksital lights newspapers on fire talking about the unity of the japanese colonization. He invades the head office leaders/publicists and strikes them down. That's when Shunji invaded the hospital and found nothing but the doctor having lunch. Mokdans father went to find artillery. and he hit the jackpot! He's in the office of Kimura, and he is pulled over by Kimura. but before he can search him, he is told that matters are of importance with Gaksital. Then, Kimura takes Mokdans dads bag and searches it. Nothing! While that is happening, Mokdan's father's helpers are the ones that were able to take away the artillery. Hongju meets with Kimura and says Hongju has been off in her facts. Mokdan has packed and is ready to leave the city. She talks to the circus captain and says her goodbye and says she will return. Shunji tells Kangto that they must capture Mokdan. Kangto says do you think you can be okay between you and her? Shunji says he will go to the circus, kangto should go to her house/whereabouts. Kangto checks her house and shes not there. Hes furious and leaves in a hurry. Mokdans best circus friend meets with Mokdan asking why she is leaving, and she says she is to get help. Shunji finds mokdan on the road. They chase after her. Kangto meets circus friend on the road and asks about her whereabouts. They hear a gunshot in the distance. Kangto is a bit late!! Mokdan hides behind a rock....shes found again! Shes on the run again! They catch up to her. Shunji grabs mokdan but Gaksital appears! Shunji and Gaksital have a fighT! Mokdan grabs a gun on the ground and shoots in the air. Then points it at Shunji.... He gives up. Gaksital takes her and runs away. Shunji picks up the letter that mokdan was supposed to give to Gaksital and he is furious Gaksital gets them to safety and Mokdan hugs Gaksital, they have a romantic stare. kekeke ^^ The end. Thank you for watching my Live recap. Be sure to check day to day for next weeks preview episode. Good bye! ^^
ep 12 was super intense
i hope mokdan finds out
I felt bad for the prisoner. He kept dying lol!
thank you
thank you very much leegloria22!!...love bridal mask <3
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