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Photographer Justin Grimm "Getting to the Indian Henry Hunting Grounds on Mount Rainier was no doubt the hardest I've pushed myself, and definitely the most I have sworn in a 6 hour span in my entire life. Fellow brotog Dustin Gent and I were expecting a nice 3 hour hike up here with the occasional hill, but with our 50 pound packs and over 3000 feet of climbing to do it absolutely killed both of us in twice that time. After doing 24km in 24 hours, I was a zombie when we got back to our vehicle. It was all worth it though cause I came back with a little piece of gold :D On the technical side of things, this a multiple exposure, 8 shot focus stack, with a little added spice for some kick!"
I want to stretch out and take a nap here
@happyrock Photography equipment gets heavy after an hour. I feel their pain at 6hrs
i can only guess how hard that hike was for him...its crazy enough to have equipment, to add photography equipment is intense. hope he trained a bit before lol awedome shot