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@sjeanyoon I know it may seem intimidating at first but you have to try it!!
@imliz I've decided i'll try it out after seeing it here. Now i just need to find items similar to this....
@sjeanyoon There you go!! You'll never know until you try
i may be alone here but i dont care for that not sure what to look at and focus on as a whole, the shirt or skirt?? the outfit is too busy for me and it hurts my me its either emphasize the pattern of the shirt itself or the skirt wearing them with a solid color....not to offend anyone, im just expressing my opinion...@Sjeanyoon if you find anything similar or something that mash well, please upload and share b/c seeing your outfit might persuade me to change my mind but atm this outfit is a 'total nay' for me...
@cheerfulcallie You are not offending anybody sis! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion here right? :D Thanks for sharing your comment. I totally appreciate it!