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If you ever bass fished, then you probably heard of the Texas rig. Even if you didn't catch the name, chances are you've seen your buddies or even set up one for yourself. The Texas Rig might be the most popular bass rig out there, and thats not with reason. Typically, this rig is gonna be set up on a soft plastic worm; image one shows you a step by step of how to hook it up. You pretty much take the hook and push it all the way through the tip of the worm, then bring it alongside the worm and work the actual hook up into the worm at the bend of the hook, as you can see in the 3rd and 4th images on that collage. This rig is great for a number of reasons: doesn't get caught on any coverage your finding. Also, depending on how much weight you put on it, you can use this rig along the bottom, or for something flipping and pitching if you throw a heavy weight on there. I know I've caught the majority of my bass with a Texas rig; what about you all? Is the Texas rig as sweet to you? Adjusting the Texas Rig:
@mcgraffy @happyrock Seems like I'll have to give these plastic worms a try
@strawberrychip maybe if you try rigging like this, the hook won't be exposed at all and itll be less worrisome, right?
@happyrock pretty much was the same for me, but actually one of my actuals who fished a lot more than my dad made me try this out and ive been using these ever since
When I was a kid we always used real worms lol but when I got older my dad pulled these and they were all texas rigged. took me a while to get used to but I came to like the soft plastic worms lol