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Much as I like the texas and the carolina rigs for most situations, there's always some new rigs being tried out. Can't help but be tempted to try them, too. This rig is basically a Mustad hook (4/0 offset) with a free-sliding weight on it. Since the weight is free, the weight will slide back when you cast making it feel nice and smooth. This only comes in one weight, though, so if that doesn't work with your style you'll have to pass. I can use my Texas rig with this set up, so I usually stick to my soft plastic worms, which is great, but the way I gotta fish it is completely different. The weight slides around as the bait falls to the bottom, so I like to let it lift and fall slowly as I bring it in before recasting, nice and slow. Seems to pull the bass out of the coverage if you throw it that way. Personally, it doesn't seem to me that this rig will be taking over anytime soon. Definitely not my first choice but it changes up the fishing for a bit. Seems like you could really use any soft bait on here; have any of you guys tried out the Dangle Berry besides me?
I'm a little confused--how does the weight sliding help you?
@DeerandBeer hah, yeah you definitely gotta be careful with how you control this one so that it keeps lookin natural
@mcgraffy I'm afraid I might scare the fish with that big of a rig!
@fallingwater definitely not the first rig you wanna try!
@mcgraffy ohhh I see....I bet that would take some time to perfect control of.
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