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While I don't use the Carolina rig nearly as much as I use the Texas rig out here, the Carolina is still nice for working your way around deep rock ledges and the like. The term 'Carolina Rig' actually refers to having that extra slack of about 1-3' from your weight or your sinker before your hooked bait at the end--your hook can still be inserted into your crawler or worm just as you'd do with a texas rig . Check out image 2 for a diagram of what a traditional Carolina Rig might look like; you're gonna have a bead followed by either a sinker or weight, and then a swivel. After that you leave about 2 ft of slack, getting your hook down on the end baited up. Also, check the video out; it gives a great intro to how to try out the Caroling Rig. What bait and waters do you all like to fish with a Carolina? Any rigging setups I should try out with it next time for big bass fishing?
@DeerandBeer anytime, buddy. carolina doesn't get as much popularity I feel like since a lot of people find it a bit boring to fish with hah
I didn't know about this rig, thanks for the information. @mcgraffy