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Is it me or do ya'll want to eat these treats too? I came across this post on while I was searching for recipes to make treats for my friend's dog. Doesn't it look delicious?! When ya'll have time take a look at her website!! She has some amazing pictures and original recipes on her website for us humans! For this recipe please visit:
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@sjeanyoon not yet :( I'm going to this weekend . i'll let you know if my friend's dog likes it.
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@strawberrychip Sounds good. Thank you.
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Peanut butter're right I want them to be human treats! lol Really going to try this after seeing about how dangerous store bought dog treats might be :(
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@onesmile That's a good idea!! Better safe than sorry right?
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@sjeanyoon exactly!! I cant bear to put my dog in danger :(
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