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I was about to say that I am starting off April the right way by heading out for a jog, but we're already almost halfway through with this month? Where did the time go? Anyway, I rolled out of bed and went for a nice jog around my campus. I am getting ready for our university's annual 5K race so I ran 3 miles. My coworker told me that the new Skrillex album is perfect running music, and even though he's not really my style, she was right! Definitely a great tempo to get you running faster than you thought you could! Happy Saturday!
@sjeanyoon hahahaa you didn't have to do that!!! Anyways... maybe we should start a collection to keep each other motivated!
@flymetothemoon @sjeanyoon let's do it together!! we can do this! haahhahahah i hope at least lol
@imliz what are you talking about? i am totally serious hahahahahahha @cheerfulcallie me too! i am starting to watch what i eat too or at least pretend like i do hehe
@nokcha I have the same opinion on Skrillex, not my cup of tea but it sure does get the heart racing!
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