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This stretch is perfect for quick relief in the office or when you're up to your ears in school work. "Sit in your chair and widen your legs so they are wider than hip distance apart. From the hip crease, bend forward and allow your entire body to relax. Drop your head and completely relax your neck. If you are not completely comfortable, try putting a rolled blanket or towel at the hip crease and lean over again. Hold this pose as long as you like. With each exhalation, allow your body and mind to relax a little bit more. Sit up on an inhalation, pause for a few moments, and try again"
This move is so easy and really makes a difference in a short amount of time!
I feel like this is the pose to get into when you're feeling really stressed and just need a little stretch and a lot of relief~!
I really love stretching like this after a busy day...