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This is the pose that I need to end my daily yoga practice with, because I always fall asleep! This pose allows you to gather your thoughts and focus on relaxing each muscle in your body. Really pay attention to everything from your forehead to your toes. Lay flat on your back, or if your lower back bothers you place a pillow beneath your knees. "Place a blanket under your head if you like. Cover your eyes with a small towel or other soft piece of fabric, and insert earplugs if you wish. With each exhalation, relax a little bit more. Stay in this position as long as you like; you may even fall asleep."
@peteryang292 the first time I took a yoga class, I DID fall asleep in this pose....oops?
Great name for a pose!
@peteryang292 definitely! It's so relaxing especially after a yoga session~
Sounds very relaxing! I'll have to try it specifically to fall asleep zzzz haha