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Have you ever made a road trip? Well here is something I did a long time ago.
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@Benard reading your comments....just WOW! This is amazing! What a great leap to take; thanks for sharing
@benard I love when life presents itself with opportunities like this!! hahah....uhm... Yeah, I'd probably would leave out the part about the warlords too!! Your so brave!! If i heard that i might be taken hostage I would have backed out! By the way... I'm sure your dad is so proud of you!!
This makes me want to visit China even more than I already do!
@peteryang292 Only if you take the road less travlled :-) China is a big country. Yunnan Province offers up the best rustic experience. This is where the rally ended up.
@Benard Sounds like an amazing trip, albeit pretty scary. It is amazing the circumstances you were put into without many resources, I'm sure it was truly a memorable experience :)