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Have you ever made a road trip? Well here is something I did a long time ago.
@peteryang292 Only if you take the road less travlled :-) China is a big country. Yunnan Province offers up the best rustic experience. This is where the rally ended up.
@n3xt It's a mix of rally racing and the Paris to Dakkar type cross country racing. You have stages in each country where participants have to race through and find the best time to complete the sections. Time difference is what matters. If you suffer a breakdown, you have to find ways to repair it or else you get a time penalty for not showing up at the finish line at each stage of the race. @sjeanyoon It's a complex combination of everything. Food isn't much of a problem as the people in Myanmar, China and Thailand were friendly. The transport and communications were a different problem in different countries. In Myanmar, there is no mobile or internet in those days. There were no roads, only off road tracks made my people who lived there. Thailand didn't have any of those problems and neither did China. We got lost more than once but heck, we survived.
@imliz Yes, I have seen the show, use to watch it from the first season onwards. it looks pretty fun too but no, haven't attempted that sort of round the race. @dillonk It was plenty of fun but looking back, it was a risky trip. We had no GPS and google maps wasn't yet invented, was traveling in the Golden Triangle on roads which really did not have any names as we were only given navigational Tulips to find our way. I still remember the military check points set up by the Burmese army for our safety. The soldiers counted the cars of the convoy to see if anyone was kidnapped from one point to another. Thankfully none of us made the morning news.
@imliz @sjeanyoon It has its ups and down. I remember we raced through a Padaung village (famous for their long neck women) in the Golden Triangle, and we could not stop to take pictures as we were behind schedule. The only time we got to stop when we were bogged down by mud or terribly lost in Myanmar.
@n3xt It was a working trip for a cross country rally from Malaysia to China via Thailand and Myanmar by road. I was the Media Officer for the event.
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