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@ameliasantos10 haha I know what you mean... I am extremely clumsy too!!
4 years ago·Reply
@dillonk hahahha that's pretty cool!~ i totally understand how you feel as i grow older i already feel weaker by days haha don't need to risk my life in these situation @sjeanyoon oh dear~ i am glad that i am not the only one but again this is not something to celebrate over ahha
4 years ago·Reply
@ameliasantos10 Isn't that a sad part of life, not doing things you used to enjoy because you are afraid?
4 years ago·Reply
@ameliasantos10 Right, but it's not also something to be ashamed of :) hehe I feel like you learn how to laugh at yourself more when you're clumsy
4 years ago·Reply
@sjeanyoon i always have that moment thinking back to my middle school days and all the activities i used to do hhahaha @sjeanyoon you are right!~ it's always a great laugh as long as we don't get hurt
4 years ago·Reply