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Common name: Walleye Native. ID: Two dorsal fins with a spiny and a soft portion, eyes clouded , white tips on lower fins, fan-like teeth. Life cycle: Spawn on rock shoals in April and May. Males mature between 2-4 years. Females 3-6 years. Average caught weight 1-3 lbs. Feed on: small bass, trout, pike, sunfish, perch. Feed actively year-round. Predators: Northern pike, muskellunge. Competitors: Yellow perch, small mouth bass, lake whitefish Where to find them: Spring/fall - rocky areas in shallow bays. In high light, retreat to cooler, deeper waters or submerged structures. Rarely go deeper than 40-50ft.
I think these are what I saw most when I was in Michigan last time!
@happyrock probably. walleye fishing is pretty intense year round on the lakes
@mcgraffy cool; thanks for the info!