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Rapala has been known for making minnow plugs, and then the shad and x raps, and more recently they came out with the minnow rap, which takes the wiggle action of the raps but uses a more traditional shape. While these lures are a bit more pricey, I personally think investing in one with a color that fits your region is worth it. Make sure you check what your target likes to feed on, and do your best to match its coloring. Bass will pretty much go for anything if they're feeding, though. Image 2 shows you your options colorwise! Check out the video for a pretty neat summary of the good points of this lure. Image 3 will also show you a size/shape comparison with the shad.
@deerandbeer true!! if I went out more often that would probably help, too :)
@fallingwater If you fish in the same place all the time you will start find out which lures the fish like. :)
@mcgraffy @nisfit definitely. as a kid you look at lures and dont think much about why the different kinds exist. now im starting to seee~~!!
@nisfit it is really impressive the way lures manage to recreate the look and the movements of the fish's prey. one of the reasons the video is so impressive, I think @fallingwater
I loved that the man held up a real minnow next to the minnow lure. Even the colour was spot on!
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