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There's all different sorts of soft plastic baits: worms, frogs, crawfish and other critters. A real popular one, though, is the zoom lizard. These lizards come in a variety of colors and all those legs really get the fish, especially bass, coming after them! One of the nicest things about these are their versatility. Not only is there a variety of colors, but you can C-rig, T-rig, weight or not weight: there are so many options. Image 3 shows you the color options you can get. And then, depending how you fish it, you can throw it out far and deep, or pull it along the top of algae or rocky bottoms, or even as a surface lure if you go weightless. Needless to say, these lures are really versatile and so can be a great part of any tackle box.
@fallingwater i like the watermelon one!
@mcgraffy well, luckily for me my first reaction isnt to bite a lizard so I don't think i'll ever have the same problems with my mistakes as a fish might haha
@nokcha so it fools people too, huh? ha ha
@happyrock @fallingwater there's gotta be a lot of different colors to match all sorts of environments. I usually stick to the pumpkin color
My dad left one of these on out kitchen counter once and I nearly jumped out of my skin, thought it was real!
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