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In Seoul, hole in the wall cafes are the newest thing! You can find popular places just by the queue that trails outside of the door. Not to mention, these places don't even have tables or chairs inside - which means that whatever they are serving MUST be good! For instance, my new favorite take-out cafe, Cafe 그리다꿈!!! This cafe serves up a large variation of hand made drinks, but their most popular selling drinks have to be the Real Strawberry Milk and the Ocho Latte! (pictured above) The real strawberry milk was so refreshing on the warm day outside in Sinchon~ The packaging was too cute that I had to snap a picture and instagram the moment my order was ready xD The real strawberry milk had chunks of strawberry that was so tart and greatly balanced the creaminess of the cold milk. It was perfectly blended, and a huge chunk of slushy ice sat on top - chilling the drink to absolute perfection! The Ocho latte is a play on words - O for Oreo and Cho - for chocolate hehe, creative eh?? This latte was so, SOOO good. It tasted almost like a frozen hot chocolate~ The latte was so chocolate-y and smooth and the top was covered in a light layer of mint chocolate whipped cream and doused with Oreo cookie pieces.. definitely heavenly and decadent! This cafe will definitely have you coming back for more, because after my experience, I want to try the Real Banana Milk and the Grapefruit Ade.. there's too many choices that it'll take you a good 10 minutes just to decide on which drink you want! xD Information on Cafe 그리다꿈: Location: *15-27, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul Changcheondong **Map in picture! Price: 3000-5000won Hours: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm Phone: 02-313-1727
these look amazing - I'm going to have to go get some myself!
@samrusso716 i totally understand and the word hype is probably the perfect way to describe it lol if there's one new recommend place listed up on the internet.. oh wow the line goes from nonexistent to like 30 min!
@ameliasantos10 pwahahah you know Korea and their hype of food.. -____-
@samrusso716 i will! qhhaha but i am still so bum out on the out of season drink!~ i feel like i am always the odd one out wanting to drink things in different season
Really?? I've never tried the milk tea! I saw everyone had the strawberry milk so I had to get it xD try it next time you go!!
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