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I love the look of these Clay Markers, it's simple, clean and elegant. FYI: Polymore may be plastic, but it is not that sturdy. Handle your markers with care. Supplies: -Bakeable polymer clay -Rolling pin -Butter Knife -Alphabet Stamps -Baking Sheet Instructions: 1.Roll the polymer clay into 1.25" balls, one ball for each marker. 2.Roll the clay ball into a long coil about 5.5" long. 3. Flatten your coil with your rolling pin to .25" thick. 4. Cut your flattened coil on a bias with the non-serrated edge of your butter knife. 5. Transfer the clay into your baking dish and smooth out any imperfection in the clay. 6. Stamp the desired name of your herbs/plants into the clay. 7. Bake your clay based on the instructions on the package.
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I like this one the best. Clean and simple.
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