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Post Secrets: Somethings are better left unsaid
I've learned this lesson recently. It is still difficult, but I've decided never to say anything because it can cause harm to the people I love.
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@imliz i am glad u care some ppl just harm the ones they love every chance they get keep up w ur positive attitude hun nd yes u r truly rite its btr 2 be quite then 2 say smthng dat will hurt smone deeply :-)
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It's really true though....even if it doesn't cause direct harm, it can hurt those you impart it to lol as someone who hears a lot of people's secrets, it's really stressful for me~
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@onesmile i can understand what u meann
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@onesmile @saharhyunjoong I know exactly what you mean...
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@saharhyunjoong thank you for the encouragement!!! Even though I made the decision to keep this secret to myself...I still feel so burdened!!
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