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Facebook Set to Launch a Money Transfer Service in Europe
Would you transfer money to your friends over Facebook?
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@dashburst i hardly even trust facebook with my phone number! @onesmile you are right i wouldn't want to try that either :/
4 years ago·Reply
@onesmile @ameliasantos10 I barely even like sending money via online banking hahah let me write you a check or give you cash in person please haha
4 years ago·Reply
@nokcha me too! i hardly even trust online banking! i feel a little bit old school but i mean who knows where our information is going!
4 years ago·Reply
@ameliasantos10 @nokcha yeah I dont think this is the service for us
4 years ago·Reply
@onesmile definitely agree.. i will stick with visiting the bank hahaha
4 years ago·Reply