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This blogger puts together a lot of great outfits. I especially <3 this one for my b & w collection.
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@sjeanyoon I'm sure you'd find that a lot of people are similar if people opened up more and shared their thoughts and opinions!!
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@imliz @sjeanyoon i totally understand how you girls feel!~ for me it has to be floral patterns i mean i love them but big pink florals dresses seems too much tp me sometimes!~ i really want to try it out but still have not but wow atleast you were brave to buy t and try it out!~~ and thanks sis for sharing your story :)
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so ~nice!! pink bag~ i love it
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@ameliasantos10 flowers are a bit overwhelming.
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@sjeanyoon i know right?! especially the big floral patterns! it's just too much for me~
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