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I don't know if anyone knows the real reason why bears rub up against trees. Most of the time it's grizzly bears that are doing the rubbing and scratching. What the experts say is that it is a way for them to communicate. To me, it just looks like the are dying for a back scratch. Either way, it makes me chuckle. Hehe
@deerandbeer hahahah well that's a pretty good way of scratching their back hahah it kind of reminds me of the older ladies here in Korea when they go out to exercise .. I believe it's one way of loosening your muscle but they would stand next to a tree and start leaning back hitting their back against the tree! hahahaha
I probably look like this sometimes too lol
@ameliasantos10 That's what I think it is
too funny; i seen a bear do this once and i was on my knees in laughter
Reminds me of the Baloo in the jungle book
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