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"Kokeshi are wooden lacquered Japanese dolls painted in colorful kimonos. The kimonos range from bright and vibrant to earth-toned and natural looking. As they are entirely made of wood, the dolls are often quite heavy. Kokeshi Doll Easter Eggs Makes 8 eggs. What You’ll Need: 2 Tbsp loose pu-erh tea 4 cups of water 8 eggs medium pot for boiling eggs slotted spoon tea towel edible food color marker 1 Tbsp corn syrup, plus extra for glueing on hair, eyes, and flower sprinkles matcha green tea powder, paprika powder, and mustard powder black decorating sugar small bowl or teacup 16 black sesame seeds 1 Tbsp of dark or semi-sweet chocolate chips toothpicks small bowl filled up 2″ with rice to help with decorating (optional) Step-By-Step: 1.) Boil the Eggs. Bring water to a boil over high heat and throw in the tea to steep. Allow the water to continue to boil while the tea is steeping. When tea looks dark brown, add in eggs and boil for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, turn heat off and let eggs steep an extra 5 minutes. Using a slotted spoon, remove eggs from the tea steep onto a tea towel and wipe dry. Allow to cool completely before decorating. 2.) Make the Kimonos. Mix the matcha, mustard, or paprika with corn syrup to create a thick-like edible paint. The ratio is 1 tsp of corn syrup to a 1/2 tsp of the powdered tea or spice. Gently use your finger to mix a bit of the tea/spice into the corn syrup a little at a time. The thicker the “paint” the more color the kimonos will have. 4.) Make the Hair. With a fully dried kimono, now create a full looking hairdo for the kokeshi.Place black sanding sugar in a small bowl or teacup. Paint the area between the hairline and the “U” shape with a thin layer of plain corn syrup. You can see below that the kimono paint dripped onto the hair area, which will be easily covered! 5.) Make a Face. Your kokeshi is now ready to have black sesame eyes.Use a toothpick to dab a bit of corn syrup onto the location for the eyes on the egg. You can use the same toothpick now to pick up a black sesame and attach it to the egg." How cute! Enjoy~
these are so cute! I really wanted to color eggs this year for Easter but couldn't find the time T.T
@caricakes i would most likely judt dip my in one colour and be like i am done guys :)
so festive and cute hehe
@ameliasantos10 I know! they're too detailed, I know mime wouldnt come out nice haha
kine of wish I had the patient and skill to do this! they are so unique and adorable! :)
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